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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
Hi all I will try to find intresting links and reviews for AMD Dual boxes for us ! Now a little info for some of ya out here.........

Amd had its first success in the Dual arena with Tyan producing the first ever Dual AMD motherboard based on AMD'S very own chip set the 760MP.

It has been posted here and in many sites that AMD screwed up on the release of its MPX chipset which was a replacement to its Proven MP platform.The problems with the first MPX concerned its on board USB that did not function 100% of the time.To make matters worse AMD became aware of this prior to any official release of Mainbords but not before several Manufactures had actually produced MPX boards.

SO in a mad dash Manufactures scrambled to include a USB 2.0 Pci card and by doing so patched a problem that should have never hit the street,saving them selves from a loss in profits and saving AMD from getting egg on more than just its face.

That said lets move on to Tyans newest Release the S2466N-4M.This replaces the S2466n Both use the MPX chipset.

This new board being shipped in quanity as of 04/01/02 {S2466N-4M} corrects the USB issue and supports onboard USB 1.1.In addition Tyan increased the the Flash rom from 2Mbit to 4Mbit and included in the new bios FSB adjustments allowing for overclocking.

There is becoming a know issue with AMD and Tyan in that AMD did not list the S2460mp as a supported product.Amd states the support was held back as a result of a standard ATX power supply connector on this board.Tyan obviously included this connector to gain a wider audiance for the AMD dual platform.
I mention this because in the most recient release of the S2466N-4M Tyan explictly points out the overclockability of there board which AMD users have seen AMD frowns upon.So will AMD list this board as supported ? I for one hope so.Time will tell .

So I am hoping people who have thought dual will now see a issue resolved that has created a lot of bad rap and may have held some of us back from building a kickass dual box at a very very afforadable cost....

Oh and Skip Thanks for the SMP forum I sometimes wonder where this Man gets such great Ideas lol .......
Now that the fixed MPX board is out...how about bringing on support for the upcoming TbredS!!!!!And then I will really be sucked in to try and build one of these dually setups
diehrd said:
Oh and Skip Thanks for the SMP forum I sometimes wonder where this Man gets such great Ideas lol .......

I think I had a little help on this one ;)