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Tyan Trinity 1590S / AMD K6*2 400 MHz Combo

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Keith O. McKeever Jr.

Mar 5, 2001
Dillsburg, PA, USA
Ok, I am back with another question, so I hope none of you are overly irritated with me...I am learning after all...

My new question involves my old system which I will be setting up for my brother (he is buying it off of me, which leaves me $$ for more new parts!). I would like to tweak it a bit for him so that it runs pretty much on the cutting edge of what this MoBo can handle. Here is the current set up...

Tyan Trinity 1590S MoBo
AMD K6*2 400 MHz Processor
256 MB of PC100 RAM (2 * 64 MB, 1 * 128 MB)
Western Digital 20.1 Ultra/66 Hard Drive
Mitsumi 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
LG-Electronics 32X CD-ROM Drive (SUCKS REALLY BAD)
Hewlett-Packard 10/4/32X CD-RW Drive
Diamond Viper 770 Ultra nVidia TNT2 Ultra 32 MB AGP Video Card
Creative Labs SB Live! MP3 PCI Sound Card
Creative Labs ModemBlaster PCI Modem Card
ADS Tech USBX404 TurboQuad 4 PCI USB Card

The settings, if I remember correctly are right now set at 100x4 but when I tried to bump it up....it just froze in the BIOS boot up and beeped crazily at me. I had initially attempted to bump it up to 100x4.5 but it froze. I don't know, am I doing something wrong?
your brother will have a decent setup, not too far behind the times. The K6-2's will rarely clock up any higher than default without a voltage increase. If you have a 2.2v Vcore chip try bumping the vcore to 2.4 or 2.5 volts. Just increase the voltage until you can get into windows stably and run for a while (day or two) without a heat-related BSOD or crash. The tyan is a decent board to OC on from what I hear. AND BTW a good cooler with some thermal grease never hurt, either.

Ok, great, thanks to your information...last night I bumped the voltage up to 2.4 volts...and the results were stupendous. It easily attained 475 MHz with no problems whatsoever. Here are the temp. numbers on it at 475 MHz...

At Idle = 31*C
Under Normal Load (Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2 Internet Explorers) = 35*C
Under Gaming Mode (After 3 hours straight of gaming with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 with all the goodies activated) = 41*C

Seems like everything is cool. I'll let you know after a couple of days of running it here.
dude it's all good.... I say go for 500 MHz. see if you can do it w/o a voltage increase first, I am guessing you might be able to. I wouldn't push that sucker to any voltage that gets you a max temp of higher than about 46-47 C though. you've got a little bit of headroom though. what cooler are you using and are you using thermal grease? a good cooler may even give you a little more headroom.

Actually, I just got a tube of thermal grease and a roll of heat transfer tape in the mail yesterday so I hadn't been using any except that little piece that comes with every heatsink/fan combination. As far as the cooler goes, I have an older Cool Master fan. I think if I bump up the size of the heat sink and step up to a more potent cooler, 500 MHz should definitely be in reach. Last night, I also took a good can of compressed air to everything in the case as well as lubing (and letting them dry then) all the fans in the case and the temp dropped slightly (like about 0.5-1.0*C). So, I definitely think better cooling might be in order. Of course, since it is HIS computer after all...he better dish out some dough before I spend anymore on it! :)