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uATX w/P6 connector

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Jan 29, 2003
Hey all!
I went to a lady's house recently to work on her machine and found the source of the problem to be a burned out power supply. Well I brought the power supply home to find a replacement and I'm having some trouble.
It's an Astec ATX90-3405 micro ATX. I've found a couple online but they are $50 or more. I want to find a suitable replacement, but there's one thing I'm not sure of. This power supply has an extra connector labeled "P6" that looks like your typical 3 pin fan connector, however there are only two wires running to it. When I tried to boot the lady's computer up with a standard ATX power supply (I had it sitting outside the case) it would turn on but not boot. I figure this is because of that P6 connector that was plugging into a connector on the motherboard.

I've seen several websites that claim to sell a "substitute replacement" power supply for the ATX90 but they don't mention whether or not they have the P6 connector. Does anyone know where I can get a MicroATX power supply with this P6 connector? Or at least what voltages those two lines are so I can make the right connector myself on a regular uATX power supply? The wires going to it are black and white if that's any help.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: WHEW!! Well after doing much searching, it seems that the extra 3-pin connector is for the motherboard to control the PSU fan. Now, I found a couple of exact replacements (it was tough because unlike most uATX PSU's this one has the plug and switch on the shorter side and not the longer one!) For a while, though, the best prices I could find were anywhere from $60-$80 for a replacement that would fit. YIKES! Luckily, though, Directron is selling an almost identical power supply for $25. So all is well. Maybe this will help someone in the future
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