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Ubid Safe?

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bargain hunter
Aug 30, 2001
Irvine, CA
I was looking through some of the deals at ubid and found lotta great prices. But i also noticed that most of the sellers are new sellers, which means the auction wouldn't qualify for the buyer protection program. Since the seller needs to have no less than 3 feedback. So the question at hand is, is it safe to bid on these auctions from newbie sellers? Or am i just running the risk of being scammed.... :(
I have input. Ubid **used** to be the greatest bidding
site out there. At the end of last November they changed
their ordering and warehouse software. It did not go well
at all. IF they screw up your order they make you wait
10 business days before they even look into the problem.:mad:
They have the stupidest auto-reply system for problems
I have EVER seen. You can't talk to a human on the phone
without a 1+ hour wait, and then you get stupid responses.
There is no way to intelligently deal with these people
when something goes wrong. This is especially maddening
because it is almost always their fault.

When one of my packages was over a month late and
Ubid was doing nothing to help, I called FedEx. The
lady there asked me the name of the shipper. When I
said, "Ubid." she actually started laughing!!!! It seems
they screw up a lot.

My advice: Stay the he$$ away from Ubid!!!
what about with consumer exchange tho, everything with service is between the seller and buyer, not ubid themselves...
That's a good question. I don't really know. I do know
that you would be pretty much on your own. What
could you do if something goes wrong.

I used to hunt bargains. With rare exception, in the end,
it usually was not worth the time and hassle of the hunt.
I have never had a bad experiance with ubid but don't like how it is almost impossible to get them on the phone! (not thier fault with a product it was mine)