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New Member
May 8, 2003
I have a problem! I was working on my pc yesterday (power was on). I accidently knocked the plug off my 9700. I plugged it back, not thinking, backwards. Anyway, I restarted the pc and I received memory errors on boot and no video. I tested the 9700 in another pc and it is trashed. I put a good video card in the trouble pc and I still receive memory errors and no video.

The motherboard is an Asus p4t533-c. I still receive power to the board. I am guessing I blew the board not the memory. Actually, I hope it's the board and not the memory. (boards cheaper). Anybody have any ideas where I should begin troubleshooting. I do not have another board to test Rimms in.

Thanks for any help
Welcome to the forums.
If you aren't getting video, perhaps you bent pins on the connector when you put it on backwards.
Are you getting a beep code that indicates memory errors?
it seems like you burned your agp port and mems to

you can try with a pci video card but i will suprise if it works because you get 2 error message. One for video and one for memory.

if i unferstand good, you got a boot so you will be able to go into your cmos and make it boot by floppy then take a floppy with memtest on it and run the test.

did you already try memtest ? if not, start with this than you gonna have a good idea of how bad your mem is now. If you have two rimms, take out one, make the test than change with the other one and make it again.

after that, if you found and change the bad rimms, you will be able to check out if your agp slot is dead. testing with pci card and see what append.

give us feed back and we will see if somethig else can be done
I will try installing a pci card. I do not receive any video post errors, just memory. I do not get any video. If I can get video to work I will try memtest. Thanks for your help
if it posts so you can get into cmos then it is neighter you mem or video since either one will prevent it from even posting.
i didn't read well and i was assuming than he've got some video error but able to see something. Of course, without anything display on screen, it would be impossible to analyze the tests.

so try getting some video than start testing.

like you said, better get a PCI card and try it in every slot if the first one wont work.