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Uh...the hose is too small for the radiator...

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Mar 6, 2002
Monroe, Georgia
Well, this is disappointment. I was going to install my Z4 kit thinking everything should connect together. Well, I was wrong. Look closely at the picture. You will notice the left side is slightly larger than the right.

The dang hose supplied in the kit will fit over the right side, but not the left side.

I was thinking of buying some more hose and sliding one hose in the other to make up the difference.

Need some advice, what would you do to make it work?


Take the Radiator, and make a trip down to your local Ace Hardware.
They will have the "Correct Size Hose" for you. and it will cost you about $0.19.

Cost more in gas to get there.

Sounds good, but I think all of the other connections are the same size (1/2").... all of them but this one. So it looks like somewhere between the radiator and the next connection, I have to "step" the hose size back down from what ever I need, back to 1/2".

Does that make sense?
Go to Ace, it's the place. lol

Get a Plastic reducer. "Step" Yes I know what ur saying.
err...what you mean- lol.

Cost you maybe $1.50.oo & $0.19 + tax

The other one is 5/8" I know it sucks. I actually just went all out and put barbs on both sides. I would suggest getting a nice brass barb with threads (internal, not external). Find on that fits very snug over the larger pipe and screw it on very straight (takes a little elbow grease). Then you can either solder (plumbiong solder) the barb on or you can JB Weld it on..or both as I did.


<still havent recieved any kind of confirmation on my pump/res from OCH..oh well at leats the Maze 3 looks perdy>
Hi Josh,

Yeah, it makes no sense to have this nice kit that is 99% there, and then leave us to figure out how to complete it. One screw up is all it takes for a leak to ruin everything. After a leak and possible damage to equipment, it matters not how well the rest of the kit is put together, Oh well, I think I will look into your suggestion.