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Uh. Woah. Backlit Keyboard?

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So the keys light up, that's interesting, it looks like something from Star Trek. I wonder if you need extra power for the light. Still, I dunno what type of person gets such bad eye strain from lamps that they need to spend $99 for that. I'd rather get a $30 ergonomic keyboard and a $5 night lamp and keep the extra $64 for something else ;)
Looks like they took one of those clear rubber/foldable keyboards and put it in a solid frame with the light. Bet the tactile feel sucks.
Personally, I haven't looked at my keyboard in years. (ok, I glanced at it the other day, and decided it was about time to try putting it through the dishwasher. Probably by the next time I see the thing, it'll be so discusting that I'll just throw it out..) I think a illuminated keyboard would be more of a distraction than anything.
I would love a feature like this, but not always on.

Like a button that turned it on or something. Maybe whole top shell of the keyboard sept the keys turned it on at touch, so you could just tap it when needed or something.

I would really rather have just the actual letter or symbol glow.
Not only is it stupid bewcause they're HORRIBLY expensive ($100), but having a light shine directly in your face for an extended period of time will give you eye strain.
Air Traffic controllers and radar operators use underlit keyboards. But they're comparably dim and only the lettering glows.
Well I would like it if the keyboard in my laptop, or my wireles one for my decktop, had a backlight, not too bright but it would help at night. if it were just they keys than it wouldnt cause my eyes to adapt to the bright backlight in that one.
looks intresting but i still prefer my Micro$oft Natural Pro keyboard over it, besides who needs to look at the keyboard ? haven't these people heard of the term "touch typist" ? :D
this is funny considering i just finished adding a backlite to my ms natural keyboard pro less than an hour ago did the whole el-light string behind the keys... it looks way cool with the lights off in my room and its not too bright infact i cant even tell the difference unless im actually looking at it...
Hey Ghost68, you got a pic of you board? I would really like to see how it looks, with and without the other lights on.
Tipycol said:
Hey Ghost68, you got a pic of you board? I would really like to see how it looks, with and without the other lights on.

nope i dont even have a cam... ill try to borrow one and get some pics but ill probably post it in alternative modding...