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Apr 16, 2001
I was just overclocking for the first time, of course, being lazy and impatient probably arent the best characteristics of an overclocker, but i thought i might get away with soemthing

i pencilled my duron, and did not bother to test the multiplier to see if it was actually unlocked, so i booted up and changed my setting from 8.5 and 100 fsb to 6.5 and 133fsb. I get no post, so im pretty worried, i had to clear the cmos and then my computer actually ran again, but it wouldnt detect my video card. It usually does this once in a while but it was doing it every time now. So i replaced it with my old TNT 16mb. it booted a couple times but then after a while, every boot it would freeze up after initializing my sound card. i can press enter and it just emits this long beep that wont end until i reboot or turn the power off.
i put my 3d prophet back in and it worked but the soudn card was still the problem (i think). so i tried puttin it in different pci slots but to no avail. i had to take it out to get on this forum!
anyway im just wondering if something like this has ever happened to somebody. and hopefully they have some sort of solution hehe
I have had problems with my windows wanting to reinstall my video card drivers time after time but the problem mysteriously went away. Try putting your sound card in, boot into safemode and uninstall its drivers, restart your computer and see what happens. I hope you figure this problem out.