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Ultimate Cooling Set-up?

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May 13, 2001
I will be the first to admit that I do not know much about overclocking (yet), but while investigating peltier coolers i found something very interesting...

This company Thermotek makes a liquid chiller that can maitain 0C at 400+ watts. From what I have read, that would be plenty for overclocking a CPU very nicely. Additionally, and correct me if I am wrong, but since TEC temperature is delta-T (change in temperature) instead of minimum T (a set temperature), would it then be possible to use a delta-T 72C TEC to get to -72C? I am very new to this so please tell me if there is anything wrong with my logic....btw the website for that liquid chiller is:
Thermotek LC-501
I think you are reading the specs wrong. The chart sais a -10C delta T for a 425w load. The delta T means change in temp so it will change the temp by -10C, it will not cool the load down to -10C. It is wishfull thinking and if it would really hold a 425w load at -10C they would have a lot of customers from this place, myself included.
In my experience and considering my latest adventures with pelts, I can recommend a Vapochill for cost effectiveness. Since the SMP version has been shelved indefinitely, I am close to ordering one.
Ya the Vapochill does sound good. I have been thinking about one for a while. I emailed them and asked how much heat they can deal with. The response I got was with a 100w load the unit can maintain -5C.