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Ultimate o/c rig

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Daniel F

Mar 9, 2001
Hey guys, if you have read my previos posts, i have been trying to o/c my celery 466, and after not having much success, i am gonna abandon my celery and i am gonna go for a Duron. I need some feedback if this is a wise choice. I have heard of many success stories from ppl. with a Duron, and i saw a buyers guide reccomending the Duron for gaming, which i am into. So........ What is the best mobo. to buy for a Duron, and should i get a 650 mhz, 700 mhz or 750mhz one? Also, would the gorb i bought for the celery be compatible with the Duron? Need some feedback, thanks guys/gals.

well, I don't claim to be an expert, but the Gorb will be a pretty sad cooler for a Duron or Thunderbird. If your gonna buy a CPU for gaming, you'd be better off getting a Thunderbird. If you wanna do some mad overclocking, get a FOP38 or Swiftech 462a HSF. I can attest to the performance of the FOP38, I've just got my T'Bird 700 to run STABLE at 1GHz for about 2 days. At full load the temp never peaks above 34C!!! As for the Mobo, I would get either the Abit KT7a OR the MSI K7T Turbo-R(RAID) Hope this information has helped some... :)
Thanks dude, and i have been reading in many posts about multiplier unlocking. I understand what is going on, buuuuutt are you just using a normal pencil (lead) to join them? Oh yeah, and are you using the pencil to SEPERATE the joined bridges, or are you trying to erase them? Please explain.

well, the tbird would be better for gaming...it just depends on how much you want to spend. i personally have a duron 700 running at 1050 on an asus a7v.

the gorb wont work for the duron/tbird...its not designed for it(i have a friend who crushed his tbird core when trying to use a gorb).

to unlock it is really easy, all i used was yer average HB pencil and reconnected the L1 bridges. its just four lines like this "L1 | | | |", its really small but not hard to do.
Thanks dude, anymore suggestions as to what mobo would be best for overclocking a Duron?

I have not had a lick of trouble overclocking my Duron 600 to 1000 with my Abit KT7-R, though I think this thread belongs in either AMD CPUs or AMD Motherboards. I would highly recommend getting a 600 Duron ($42) and an Abit KT7A ($125). Also, get an HSF of the caliber of the FOP-32 ($19) or better. All prices from Pricewatch.
As a matter of fact, I'm moving onward/upward with my system and I'll sell you my KT7-R, with 600 Duron at 1000 and an FOP-32, all 2 months old, for $150 and I'll save you the $10-20 additional shipping if you buy them all new, by paying for the shipping to you.
Otherwise, my unappreciative wife gets them ;-)

Hey hoot, what is your new system gonna be? Let me in on your secret! Thanks for the tips dude, and the offer. Is it possible to move a thread to another board? Well, anyways keep on replyin

Hey, Daniel. So you're abandoning the Celeron? You were running an 83 or 86 FSB finally weren't you? That's actually a pretty good overclock. I wouldn't give up altogether because it wouldn't go to 100.

When you said "it wouldn't work" at 100, did you mean you couldn't set the settings, or the computer failed at that speed? If it just failed at that setting, then I would suggest this: Go ahead and set up and play with the AMD system; that should be a lot of fun. Let the Celery system run stable at 83 or so for a while. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if after a little run-time that 466 hits closer to 700.

If you can only run one system at a time, then do what makes you happiest, but if you can let that Celeron burn-in for a bit while you set up your AMD box, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Oh, and the only one who can move posts is the big Daniel (and maybe Skip).
Thanks dennis c, i have heard a little bit about burning but have no idea what the concept of it is? please explain. Oh yeah, and i will be starting a new system. That doesnt mean i will stop using this one, i have a Lan setup at home, so i can still use this comp. for friends to use. Celerons are still good, i just hear that Durons are better.

I'll answer. Burning-In a CPU for overclocking purposes is not the same procedure as it is for common electrical assemblies. The reason that you would want to Burn-In your processor is to enable you to reach a given clockspeed at a lower voltage(equating to less heat) and/or to achieve an ultimately higher clockspeed. This is done by running the processor through a battery of CPU intensive programs at as low a clockspeed and temperature, as possible, and with the applied voltageto the processor as high as your motherboard permits.but only if your cooling solution is up to the task. I'll give you a link to some basic theory, and the actual practice of burning-in. http://people.freenet.de/s.urfer/conditioning.htm follow the instructions carefully, and maintain a vigilant watch over your CPU temperatures while performing this procedure.

Daniel, as I said earlier, but I would like to restate it, your overclock on your celeron was very good. You were pushing the chip to its limits. Remember, Intel only produced that chip up to around the 600 level I believe, maybe even a little less. I had a Celeron 400 that would not go faster than 600, even with a PC133 mobo and water cooling. It was just incapapable of going that far. Don't get frusterated with the lack of being able to go past 83 or 86. Just wanted to let you know this. I personally don't know much about the heat sinks and crap cause I use water cooling, although there was the "Kitchen Sink" thread somewhere in the forum. That heatsink was huge and looked ready to do some serious cooling. Pretty expensive i believe too.
yeh u are all lucky, I have a 333 celeron and have only overclocked it to 416, I will get it to 500 but I have to buy faster ram 100MHz , I still managed to get a score of 3280 on 3d amrk 2000 (defult settings)
well, i got a fop 38 for my duron, i think i crushed my core. :-( Hopefully I didn't, and there is just something else like a bad chip and i can get a new one for free. Be careful when putting a heatsink on.