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um... how hard is it to retrace electrical lines on my a7v?

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Dec 31, 2000
i was prepin my a7v for some peltier action and stated scrapin access silicon around the clip. then i notice i got a little heavy on the scrapin action and had alot of scratches on the board. so i went to test it for damages by runnin it to see if it'll get threw its posts, and then i get all sorts of beeps(like the ones when there no cpu). so i was wondering, should i trash this board or go to town with a conductive pen? i haven't touch it since this last weekend, and i was plannin on gettin a kt133a board, but i still want this board to work , anyone's suggestions is appreciated.

o, i also would like to know which kt133a board is the best for the buck.
You can try a conductive pen, but the traces on mobo's are very fine, and I can't see it being easy. Best suggestion is to take the time to tape between traces, and do them 1 at a time, allowing the conductive material to dry before moving on to the next trace. Very tediuos, but with patience it should work.
it'd be hard.....

As far as the best bang for the buck on a KT133A board I'd say go for a MSI K7T Turbo or a Epox 8KTA3. My third choicde would be a KT7A though it's a little more spendy.