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ummm...not newby for OC but been out for long time

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Senior Member, Benching Team Member
Aug 6, 2003
Ok.... Maybe you know me, maybe you don't.....hell maybe I don't know me at this point.

Anywho.. been out of the "game" for a very very very long time.

Just recently put together a new rig with a RTX 4090, Intel 13900K..... went ahead and downloaded newest drivers, 3DMark software etc..... WTF eh?

I am lost in all honesty.

Last time I did anything it was fairly simplistic.... Own hardware, own software...run benches, take requisite screen shots of Benchmark/software result along with CPUz/GPUz screens..upload to HWBot....

Right now I cant get past go, ...so to speak,... I have the hardware, I think I own the benchmark software (3DMark charged me for it)... WTF, I am lost now.

Anyone willing to help an elderly/decrepit idiot figure this out??? I will definitely appreciate your assistance.

Thanks in advance from a PAST DUE dude...

What I would do is run a baseline bench. Then, overclock your CPU to it's Max boost clocks. Bench, and make sure stable. From there inch up a bit until failure. Bench. Then, same with RAM. Bench. Then, install MSI Afterburner and tweak your GPU clocks till failure.

Then hopefully you've maximized your system.
@rdrash, Hwbot rules are changing quite often, and mods are picky. It's one of the reasons why so many people left or "retired" while they are still active in the overclockers' community. Some just became hardware reviewers.

Most benchmarks have problems with a specific OS, like Win10 or Win11, or need additional validation links, additional software for validations, and screenshots made in a specific way. In the end, it's no fun anymore, feels more like another full-time job only to post some results. Results in the ranking are also mixed - there are scores based on new and old rules.
If you check who is actually posting there, you will find the same sponsored guys related to specific manufacturers who have done that for years or those who just buy top stuff each generation and pour LN2 on everything. Skills are not counting anymore. It's just luck and LN2.
Most people can't afford new CPU+mobo+graphics cards with current prices when generations change every 6-12 months. To be high in ranks, you have to refresh the same benchmarks every some months, not like it used to be every 2-3 years. So this is another reason that the hwbot benching community (out of marketing purposes) is quite dead nowadays.

In short, you took a break, but in this time, you didn't lose much if we are talking about hwbot. You can still share your results here, but probably general CPU/motherboard/RAM sections will be a better place as the overclocking team (also because of the reasons above, but not only) isn't really active, and most other forum users are not checking it. There are a lot of guys who still enjoy overclocking and everything related.
At least on OCF, most are older, so you probably remember many members, but there are some new members too. Sadly, younger people have no patience and will to learn something, so they usually jump in, ask questions and disappear after some weeks. The same story all around the web. OCF is at least keeping a community that respects others and those who come with rude behavior don't stay for long. Most other forums are just dead or not user-friendly, like whatever you post, there is someone who starts to offend you or tries hard to prove you wrong even when has no knowledge at all.

If you want to post some results on hwbot then just read their rules for each benchmark. It's hard to call it fun but I don't think anyone here is up to date with all their rules, so it's better to check each benchmark page for details.
I think I only posted some RAM clock results on hwbot in the last 3 years, just because it was top 10 global or something, and I wanted to keep it somewhere.
Welcome back RDRash!

I don't benchmark competitively anymore for several reasons. Some Woomack mentioned other reasons are the massive push from sponsors to incorporate their "latest" gear. For instance, many competitions required a specific Gigabyte motherboard, MSI board, or Crucial Ram. I'm not sponsored and refuse to buy equipment to compete, especially when the same manufacturers were supplying cherry-picked samples for their in-house professional overclockers. No thanks.
Yes, I was sick of competitions like buy a $500 motherboard to have a chance to win a $300 motherboard from the same manufacturer ... when you were risking killing a bunch of other stuff. I only won something in earlier open competitions, but it still took them a couple of months to send the prize.
It didn't change much with supplying cherry-picked samples or a bunch of CPUs and other hardware that a regular overclocker can't afford. Every counting manufacturer has its in-house overclockers. Even if not officially listed, then they work on the back and support others or do most work for guys who post results. Look how every new ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI OC series motherboard grabs 8-15 world records even before the premiere. Every generation is the same story.
RdRash, are you looking to just figure out settings & get the most out of your new hardware or are you looking to submit meaningful points at the bot?
There are several guys here that can help out tuning your CPU, RAM & GPU to max out their performance. Welcome back, hope you stay a while.
I'd guess hwbot since this was posted in the competitive benchmarking section and the wording, but defo worth asking. :)
Thanks everyone for great discussion and the more salient point, hmm what am I trying to do. Well I guess I was just hoping to have fun so that now rules out HWBOT based on what you guys are telling me here. Fooey, I reckon I'll just play some games and not worry myself with overclocking for points.
You can still do some benchmarks, maybe share on the forums, and try to optimize it for more FPS or lower access time. Personally, if I optimize anything in my daily PC, then for lower power usage/heat. Recently I care more for a silent PC, still fast enough for everything I do, but I can sacrifice some FPS for silence.
Either way, your new toys are great, so I bet you have a lot of fun :)
I started grabbing the older stuff because the “NEW” stuff was too much $$$. I’ve snagged the x58, x79, z68, z77, z87, z97 last year + the CPU’s along with additional CPU’s for my x99 and x299 motherboards -> for less than $2,000. If you are patient, you can find great deals on older GPU’s Also.
To bench what you have the 2D stuff is still 99% free. The old 3D stuff is now free but the NEW 3D Mark (that has Cloud Gate/FireStrike/TimeSpy) needs a Key. If you have a old key to this - ok - BUT you will have to buy a key for the ”NEWER benches that came out after your purchase. Some are $2.99 (I use Steam) - to ~$39.99 for Speed Way (the latest for the RTX cards)
Well I was gonna try and submit a time spy result but it just wouldn't let me get there.

Since I have this older hardware (new to me)
I pulled a #3 for the graphics card and tried to submit for this forum but the compare validation link I just couldn't get it to submit. Not sure what it was asking for.

After reading this I'll take the hwbot with a grain of salt and just post here in appropriate sections.

Wasn't sure if I'd hurt the forums numbers since I won't have huge scores, anyway going to try and take that GTX 780 on ambient 1st place anyway.
Ah, remember this magic 780ti I got. OCed on water to 1500+

Crazy stuff. Deleted my Hwbot account since, bit I think I wmfonished 3rd, ahead of several ln2 results
I don't bother OCing anymore. What I thought I knew has been forgotten, I'm happy OCer is still here and doing well. Most of the websites I would visit are gone so....