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Unable to OC my Q6600 past 2.58GHz, help!

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Mar 19, 2008
Hey Guys,

I'm Dan, nickname == Gally.

I recently purchased a system for around $2300. At first I had a load of bugs and TONS of random restarts. But, oddly, after overclock slightly, I get no more random restarts. Right now I have a sad overclock of 2.585GHz with idle temps of 32-38C.

I have a liquid-cooling system that is a custom product of the company I purchased from (AEONCRAFT). It's the first liquid cooled system I've had and their cooling system confuses me, as it appears and is unorthodox compared to some of the liquid cooling systems I've seen. Somehow I am not required AT ALL to refill any liquid? (can someone explain this to me)

The main reason I am here:

I am unable to overclock past 2.585GHz on a processor that overclocks to around 3GHz easily. What happens: I adjust the setting, bumping each up bit by bit, until I get up to 2.6GHz. After adjust to over 2.6GHz, the Windows load screen comes up and then, abruptly, the computer restarts itself. Sometimes the BIOS freezes and I have to shutdown the computer, unplug the power cord and release the MOBO (some trick I read somewhere). After doing it once or twice it usually loosens up the BIOS so I'm actually able to get into the CMOS to change the settings.

I have taken a few screenshots for you to look at....

Core Temp:


CPUID Hardware Monitor:

Ideas? Hints? Tips?

ps. System Specs:

-28" Hannspree Monitor
-Logitech X230 Speakers/Subwoofer
-Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard
-Razer Diamondback Plasma Edition Gaming Mouse
-Vista Basic (64bit)
-Thermaltake Armor (120mm fan ed.) Full-Tower
-1TB (500GB x 2) Hard Disks
-Intel Q6600 (Quad-Core, 2.4GHz x 4) CPU
-eVGA 780i MOBO
-1000 Watt Thermaltake Power Supply
-Custom Liquid Cooling System
-Nvidia PNY GeForce 8800 Ultra (768MB Dedicated) Graphics Card
-4GB (1GB x 4) Mushkin eXtreme Heat Spreader II RAM
What speed is your memory running at? also are you fixing the vcore or leaving it on auto? we need more details about what you have set in the BIOS. If you can take a picture of your BIOS screen with all the settings it would help to get started.
I will get the information ASAP...but in the meantime, could you explain to me how it's possible to have a liquid cooling system (like I have) that you do not need to maintain (eg. refill liquid)? I was under the impression all liquid cooling systems needed to be refilled.

BRB with the settings.
I cannot answer that without seeing the system. But that is a dangerous claim to make by any manufacturer. Any loop no matter what will lose water over time. Even if it is 99% air tight it will produce slime that should be cleaned everynow and then.

Do you have a link or picture of you water cooling system?
My current settings are all on "Auto". The "Current Values", however, are:

CPU Core: 1.24v
CPU FSB: 1.4v
Memory: 1.85
nForce SPP: 1.3v
nForce MCP: 1.5c
HT nForce SPP <-> MCP: 1.2v

Also, the following settings are disabled:

-Limit CPUID Mav Val
-CPU Thermal Control
-All "Spread Spectrum" settings

Another "also", FSB-Memory Clock Mode is set to "Linked" with the FSB-Memory Ratio set to "Auto", current MEM (DDR) MHz = 861.7

Hope all of this helps.
Try setting your vcore to 1.3V to start and memory voltage to their specified voltages (not auto). Leave the rest of the voltages on Auto for now.

Then set your memory to unlinked and set it to the stock speeds for now so your memory is not causing any instability.

Which memory are you using this one or this one?
The Liquid Cooling System is similar to this one:


The only that that's different is the fan is all black, and the tubes are black. Also, the piece that encases the CPU looks like a heavy duty black-colored plastic. It's all inside of the tower. The fan part is screwed to the back on the inside case, similar to the way the PSU is. And I don't see anywhere to really unscrew it to pour in any new liquid or try cleaning it out, like you talked about.
The memory is:


ok set the settings as I said above set the vcore to 1.3V and fixed the memory voltage to 2.2V and timing 5-5-4-12, leave the any other subtimings on auto.

For the future I recommend buying the parts for you water cooler and putting it together yourself. I am not familiar with this one but many of those cheap water cooler kits are actually worse than the better air coolers. You can build a killer water cooler system yourself much cheaper than some of those water cooler kits.
I did the settings as you said.

But, how do I manually set the timing?

Also, CPU-Z reads my Core Voltage @ 1.256, even though I set it to 1.3v in the BIOS.
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Alright. I figured it out myself, and made the setting changes.

Now what?
I did the settings as you said.
But, how do I manually set the timing?

I am not familiar with that specific board but there should be a setting that enables you to enter them manually.

Also, CPU-Z reads my Core Voltage @ 1.256, even though I set it to 1.3v in the BIOS.

That is normal there is usually a difference from BIOS to CPUZ. Have you tried bumping up the FSB to 333MHz?
Should I go straight for the 3.0GHz, or shoot from something a little less, as last time I simply tried for 2.7GHz and the BIOS would freeze on me. I'd have to unplug the power cord and "release" the MOBO by pressing/holding the power button. I'm not sure if that is even supposed to do anything, but it worked for me.
It is up to you but another thing you can do is up the voltage a bit more to 1.325V Or 1.35V and once you find the clock speed you want then lower the voltage again as long as it is stable. I prefer this method because you are not crashing constantly since you have a little more vcore head room.
Ok. I'll try setting the vCore up a little higher, than fiddling with the FSB. I read somewhere the some boards don't like 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2. I'm not sure if that's true, but it's pretty odd to say the least.

Ok, off to test a little bit...I'll probably be back sooner than later. I'm greatly appreciative for your help thus far. I bet you can imagine the frustration I'm having with a BRAND NEW "liquid cooled" system that can't OC above 2.6GHz.
Well, as I suspected...it did not work.

I upped the vCore to 1.38, and tried 2.7GHz, 2.8GHz, 3Ghz etc. and all FSBs in-between...but to no avail. It never makes it the load screen for Windows, nevermind to my desktop. I really can't understand what's going on. It just keeps restarting itself over and over just prior to the windows-loading screen.

Also....should my CPU FSB Voltage be 1.4v? I have it set to "Auto", but the Current Value has read 1.4v for a while now, and it's highlighted green.
1.4 is ok for a q6600, but I wouldnt push it further than that. Have you tried unlinking your memory from your cpu freq?
You could set it to 1.4V but I doubt it will fix the problem. What was your memory's speed at 2.7GHz, 2.8GHz, 3.0Ghz, etc? I am a little stomped right now. I am not familiar with the 780i but have you updated your BIOS?
1.4 is ok for a q6600, but I wouldnt push it further than that. Have you tried unlinking your memory from your cpu freq?

he is talking about FSB voltage not vcore... and there is nothing wrong with running a Q6600 over 1.4V if you have adequate cooling. I have been running mine at 1.53V for the last 6 months.