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Underclock a 1 ghz celeron into 700 mhz

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May 2, 2002
I have an ASUS mobo with a 400 mhz FCPGA (FSB Factory set at 67x6) with the jumpers soldered shut by HP. If I put in a 1 gig celeron (10x100) will this get me 600 mhz? Down here in the wilds of Mexico new hardware is hard to find and older hardware is out of the question, otherwise I would get a 600 mhz PIII and be done with it.

Am I on the right track?


Computational Oncologist / Biomathematician / Mode
Apr 3, 2002
Bloomington, IN
Well, that sounds right. I've actually had my PIII tualatin 1.2 boot up as a PIII 600 when the bios got reset to 66 MHz FSB.

-- Paul