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Undercooling=Less noise!

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Mar 5, 2001
My intel retail fan failed so i now have a celly 700 @788 with no fan... to make sure it doenst overheat, the PSU fan has been reversed to blow down over the heatsink to cool it down. PSU has 92mm 17v variable speed set by tempereature by a diode thing in the PSU it self. I just moved it around so it was near the heatsink in the PSU so it stays at max rpm. reletively quiet, my 5400rpm hd is louder the that fan. great for overnight leavin git on :) might try to duck the PSU fan onto teh heatsink for more cooling :)
That's cool, no fan, hehe. Then again Celeron's don't put out much heat. Try that on a Duron and you'd be heading to the computer store after about 5 minutes.

Your chip won't go faster than 788 or is that just clocked down because you have no fan?