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Undervolting GPU: adjusting a voltage/frequency curve under 800 mV

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Aug 5, 2002
Well, MX150 is actually just a mobile version of 1030. Haven't seen any people having problems with the power slider on 1030, so it's weird that it is locked on a mobile version.

Your undervolt + OC is one of the examples of an inefficient energy management by a manufacturer.

Well its mobile, most likely they don't want to give you the option to give an additional +20-25% more power on the card, which is typical for cards at least on desktops. I know it can be modified via bios what the limits are but they probably lock it due to it being a laptop for warranty reasons.

As for the CPU and OC... actually you can look at anything these days. Desktop CPU's are the same way, they can be undervolted for same performance or OCed a few percent to get a higher clock. The manufactures have to have a safety factor in there to make sure it will run since each chip can be different.

Now mining, I can do some crazy things with my GPU's. 1060 GPU's I got I can drop the TDP to 80% and increase the OC the core +230Mhz and OC the ram by +400Mhz and be faster. Actually working on TDP @ 72% with +300 to core! Even my 1080TI i can drop to TDP to 90% and still increase the core clock a decent and nearly match what I was able to get at 100% power. I just can't lock voltage which was a dream I was looking at but with the frequency changes because whats coded into the chip, it makes it very difficult to do that. I'm sure I can lock the voltage above the 800mV limit easily (adjusting the frequency chart) just anything below it is a dream.

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*sniff sniff*, what's that burning smell?

Thats nothing :) Just that board over there up in flames is all.
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Mar 3, 2008
It runs at 0.675 V at 0.6 Ghz, so 0.8 V is not the floor. And I am sure that interval from 0.675 to 0.8 could be greatly optimised if I only had access to it.
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This is a BIOS/FW controlled setting that you cannot achieve with OC/UC software. Since the settings are forced by these software, it may not be translated correctly to the power controllers inside the GPUs. I'm talking from an electrical perspective and an understanding of how sub-threshold/threshold works within node transistors.

Again, you are chasing a hard dream. Modern GPUs from GTX900 and R400 onward have very sophisticated power managers. I advice everyone to never attempt forced under-volting as you go against years of built R&D data that very very smart people decided upon. If you have an issue with your GPU look toward your environment, and utilization of the system first. Your GPU will scale TDP/Freq as it needs to based on very sophisticated algorithms.

And some personal advice, mining bubble gonna pop. Don't buy into that crap.