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Senior Toilet Scrubber
Jan 16, 2001
Rosemount, MN
I decided to finally go ahead with trying to undervolt my processors. Inital results are good.

Currently my two p3 cdo 1000EB's are running at 1.70 V @150 fsb (1125 mhz).

The system seems stable. I've been folding for 12 hours and I fired up some games for a bit. Temps have slightly droped (1 to 2 degrees cooler). I might have to try 1.65 V but that might be pushing it.

Heres my processor specs
2 x p3 1000EB SL5FQ
CDO stepping
1.75 V default

Abit VP6

Is anyone else undervolting/overclocking? What are your results?
My PIII is running currently at 1105 with 1.65V (normally it runs as you see it below with 1.7V). Temps are a little better than default or higher. I don't have stability problems with undervolting as long as I don't go nuts.
jazztrumpet216, how high have you had the fsb at 1.65V and is it a cdo 1.75?
Yes, it's a cDO 1.75. I've had it as high as 152 FSB on 1.65, past that it got unstable. I'm using a Millennium Glaciator I on it too, and temps stay usually in the low to mid 30's.
Thanks for the heads up. I dropped the voltage down to 1.65 and I'm still running smooth at 1125 mhz (150 fsb)