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Unexplained Lag with New Build

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Oct 8, 2008
Just completed a build with a Asus x99 Gaming Mobo, i7 8650, GeForce 1080, with Trident 3200Mhz memory and a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD. Everything's up and running on first time boot, but there is a lag in loading programs, Mail, Excel, Games etc. and accessing Dropbox. I replaced the Windows driver with a Samsung Pro driver and am getting good speeds testing with Samsung Magician. My old rig with a i7-2700K and a Samsung 840 SSD loads things much faster. Any thought on what might be going on. Windows is up to date and Temps in low 30s idle and mid 60s fully stressed. Any ideas?:bang head
Go into the Samsung Magician software and make sure it's showing the 4 PCIe lanes connected.

Did you by any chance install Windows while there was a spinner hard drive attached to the system in addition to the Samsung SSD m.2?
I will check the 4 PCIe lanes. I did not have my 3tB HDD connected but did have the 1tb Samsung SSD connected.
Check Task Manager Processes and Performance tabs to make sure some background process is not hogging CPU or disk.
Check everything inside is it seated as it should be if it is check bios for any type of error wrong device names etc also check device manager if there are any warnings
All fine. Now I am starting to think the problem is me and my expectations for this drive. Just spoke to Samsung tech support, said hasn't been reported previously, said the lag in loading not an issue (even though it is at least 2x as long as with my previous build with a i7-2700K and a Samsung 840 SSD). Support reluctantly agreed to send me the previous driver 2.0 to try.
RMA'ed the drive and replaced with the 960. A world of difference. No lag in loading programs, speed with Magician is twice as fast. Never did figure out with the problem was. Bad drive?