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Unhappy Tom :(

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Jan 5, 2001
Ok I am using a Danger Den Cooling Block. Damn fine block EXCEPT for the hold down system they use. It does not attach via the holes on the motherboard, rather they use a screw down device that attaches just to 2 of the 6 clips on the motherboard itself. Well last night I bumped the system and would you believe the bottom clip SNAPPED right off. Thinking I could save the clip I tried super glue. Kids DO NOT use glue around the clips. Being pissed off about the snap I overglued and wola my 800 found itself glued right onto the board. Well when I went to take it off it fubard the chip, I am just hoping the board is ok. I will not know until the new chip arrives. SO here I sit, my old p3 400 once more my means of reaching out on the web. Anyone know of a BETTER hold down for the danger block? I hope they reply to my email as I can only hope they will back thier product.
Dang, I just ordered the DangerDen waterblock, holddown and the Cooling Cube radiotor from DangerDen.
So is the hold down not good? Should I try to find other hold downs?
Or can I just put 2 hold downs on the socket A? (It has 6 plastic clips so I guess I can use the outer 4 clips to put two hold downs...dunno if it will work...just a thought...)
All I know for sure is that if you overtighten that clip it can casue havoc. You will notice that the hold down only uses 2 of the availible 6 clips. I will post more on the new style clip they are sending me. If you have to you can create a triangle tension based clip out of say a thin coathanger. Then just invert the standard metal hold downs that come with the danger den hold down so they point up instead of down. Slide the triangels over the danger den clip (pointing up) and attach them to all 6 of the lockdowns on the motherboard. Sorry I cant post a pict of the ones I made, my dig camera is elsewhere. I hope the prototype 4 hole version clip they are sending me arrives soon :)