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uninstalled vShare from Widnows 7 now wont boot

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Nov 15, 2010
Palm Harbor
my moms computer has Windows 7 and its been running slow forever. it has issues with system interrupts using 18% cpu so i looked into it alittle today. couldn't find much but i realized she had a couple old program from Verizon that connected to our TVs back when we had FiOS. i uninstalled another thing i thought was related called vShare Plugin or something like that. soon as i uninstalled it, windows had all sorts of issues. start menu was now blank, task manager failed to load, couldnt open any windows. i restarted and now it wont boot even in safe mode. it shows the starting windows screen and will every few seconds flicker black as iff its trying to load but failing. any help? computer doesnt have a cd drive to use my install disc to repair
thats what im trying to do now. the problem is i cant find this program or know where it came from. when i google it it comes up with something different. my computer doesnt have it. so im trying to use a file recovery program to recover it.
What do you need it for? It's not part of Windows.

Stick that Windows disk in and run a repair install.
idk but second i uninstalled it is when stuff when bad. explorer must be calling for it some reason then crashing without it
was able to find the files with a restore program but all the files are blank. tried it anwyays but no go. idk what the hell i did but i might need to reinstall windows. crap...
Repair install doesn't mess with any of your programs or user profile. It just repairs Windows. That's why I've been suggesting it.
it didnt do anything. nothing did anything. i messed with it for a good 5 hours and nothing worked. since its her office computer with our entire buisness on it i ended up having to reinstall windows and spent a long time trying to salvage everything. issue is now that my Windows 7 key is now blocked because i used it soo many times. geeze i cant win. good news is that the system interrupt issue is fixed and it is running much faster.