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Unknown CPU?

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Dec 30, 2000
Merced Ca
i just installed the 2200 in my rig, ran 3dmark 2001se. it says my CPU is AMD "unknown" ive noticed in the results of some others at madonion have the same thing. anyone know why this is?
I get that too when I post my 3dmark score.3DMark would probally have to be patched to fix it.I don't think 3DMark knows what it is looking at when it sees amd cpus of that speed.
3DMark2001 does not recognize the Tbred CPU, which you both have, although the 2200+ is tbred "A" its still a tbred and it's not in the 3dmarks database and can't be recognized
my main problem besides being unknown is it never reports the correct mhz of my cpu always lower. is 3dmark flaw as its always done this to my xp's