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unlocked 2000+, but?????help!

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Feb 16, 2002
Hey everyone, I don't post here often, I usually hang out amdmb.com, but I have been here before and found lots of usefull info...and now once again I need your help... I just unlocked my XP2000+, but can't get anything above 140FSB stable no matter what multiplier I use. The motherboard I'm using is the Gigabyte 7VRX based on the KT333 chipset, I'm also using 1x256m PC2700 Nanya DDR, and heat is not an issue in my Antec SX1040 400W with an SK6 and Delta 60mm Screamer on it! Any help would be appreciated...Thanks Guys!
Welcome to our "humble and helpful" forums.

Although I have no first hand experience with that particular motherboard I would suggest the usual overclocking tweaks. First of all, watch the temperatures. This is a well know issue I'm sure that you are aware of.

Beyond that I would increase the voltage to the CPU and a bit to the RAM as well. See if that will get you over the hump. You may need to back the memory settings down a bit, again I'm not familar with that brand of memory, although it may test well at default, it may not be good for much more.

There is an ongoing thread on this motherboard following the trials of one of our members as he tweaks his 7VRX, you may want to give that a look here;


You may get better results if you were post in the "AMD MOTHERBOARD"section.

Post back on your progress so others can benefit from your experience.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the reply Frank,

I've tried everything you mentionned, i'm in the process of changing cpu & memory now, in case that's the problem, I own a computer store so it's very easy to simply try different components...I'll let you know what happens! Thanks.