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unlocking 1800xp

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Dec 11, 2001
Orange County, California
Hello everyone,
Lately i've been having this urge to unlock my 1800xp. My only experience in pencil tricks are in duron voltage mod and unlocking; however, it was running on an ecs k7s5a so unlocking was not needed. apparently, i did not bother to check the pits on the 1800xp.
Are the pits on these xp's any different than the durons?
From what i've read the pits on xp's are deeper, correct me if i am wrong.

I may use a conductive pen to unlock the bridges. Where can i get one of these pens? Home depot?
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Senior Member
Jan 8, 2002
I have no idea if the pits on an XP chip is deeper than on a Duron. If I thought about it long enough I would personally say that they aren't because either way the pits are going to end on the copper ground plate just below the surface. If you look online there are plenty of good articles about unlocking the XP. And if you need to get a good conductive pen or silver laquer...whatever you wish to use. Here is a LINK to the pen that I, and most of the people I know used. In the event that you use that conductive pen, don't just draw the lines between the bridges with it. The tip is too small. Just use the silver laquer inside the pen and apply it with a needle or something like that. I used a razor blade. Good Luck