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Unlocking Athlon XP

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Jan 8, 2002
Oklahoma =/
anyone try the methods of unlocking the xps w/ scotch tape and metal(aluminum foil)? also, anyone try the cell phone kit way?


Jan 8, 2002
Oklahoma =/
Re: Re: Unlocking Athlon XP

cyber mouse45 said:

How does that work, I mean, how do you do it??

i found this article on the frontpage the other day

I originally did this to my thunderbird and it works fine on my ahtlon XP 1800+. As long as the homemade trace tape is not pressed deep into the grooves on the athlon, the foil rides right over the top of them so you don't have to fill the gaps with super glue or any other crap.
Pass this along as it is a nice procedure, and super easy to do.

Materials needed:

razor blade
clear tape, preferably 3M Scotch tape as the adhesive on this brand doesn't become gooey over time
aluminum foil
pin or sewing needle
pencil, 0.5 mm mechanical preferred
1 piece of white paper

1.Start off with a piece of foil 3 cm by 2 cm.

2.On the white paper, use the razor to cut off a piece of foil that is 1 mm in width. This will give you a piece of foil 1 mm by 2 cm.

3.Cut the 1 mm by 2 cm piece of foil into 4 pieces. each 2 mm in length. They are small, so do this over the white paper so that they stand out.

4.Tear off a piece of Scotch tape 3 cm in length.

5.Fold the shorter edge of the tape on itself, so it makes a little pull tab. This will make it easier to pull it off if you need to without having the tape tearing in odd places.

6.Cut the off the scalloped edge of the tape from when it was torn off from the tape dispenser. This will prevent the tape for tearing in odd places if you have to take the tape off.

7.Put the tape across the Athlon chip. Make certain it is over the L1 traces. It doesn't matter if it goes across the other traces. Make certain it doesn't go near the chip core however, as it does get too hot there and may melt the tape.

8.Once the tape is over the L1 traces, lightly go over the L1 traces with the pencil. This will copy their position onto the tape.

9.Pull the tape off. You will now see that you have their exact position, and now know where to put the small pieces of foil that you cut earlier.

10.Put the tape on the paper so that the sticky side is facing up. You can stick the tape to the razor blade so it will stay down without lifting up or being an annoyance. This will make it easier to apply the small pieces of foil.

11.Use the pin to pick up one piece of the 1 mm by 2 mm foil. It should stay right to the head of the pin. If you have problems getting the foil to the pin, just use a stack of paper, as you will then be able to "stick" the foil.

12.Using a steady hand (like a shaky hand would work anyway?) place the piece of foil on the sticky side of the tape, right where you see your pencil marks.

13.Repeat that 3 more times, and you will be good to go.

14.Line up the pieces of foil over the traces and once applied, I used the eraser end to lightly press the foil over the traces to make certain it made contact and closed the traces.

15.Reapply heatsink, change multiplier, and you should be in business.