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Unlocking locked athlons

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Apr 6, 2003

form hardocp

Unlocking Locked Athlons:
The gang at Overclockers Russia have posted a rather ingenious way to unlock those Athlon processors that are locked. By simply changing the L6 bridge configuration they tricked the mainboard into identifying the processor as a Mobile Athlon XP thereby allowing the multiplier to be changed. I haven’t tried this one out yet personally, but this certainly does seem like a possible workaround. Overclockers.Ru has a small graphic that outlines the L6 bridge changes that need to be made, grab a translator if you want to read the whole article.


Dec 30, 2003
Prague, Czech Republic, European Union
This really ****es me off when they give credit to someone who did nothing to this discovery. Sorry for that words, it is another web site linking to them and not to my page . I published this 14 days ago, no-one took care off it. Now everyone wants to gain popularity on it when it's known it works for locked AMDs also.