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unlocking question

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Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
hey guys, i'm just wondering, the usual method of unlocking a XP is to fill in the pit, and connect the dots using conductive ink in a straight line....

can you somehow connect the dots AROUND the pit, so you doesn't need to fill in the pit?:rolleyes:
I know it's already been discussed, and there was an article on the front page a while back (long while ... ;)) If you can find it, it might help you getting an answer
Having unlocked AMD processors, both DURON/T-BIRD and XPs, I would have to say that it would be a challenge to manipulate the conductive ink or paint around the pits without contaminating having some get into the pit and cause problems. As far as using a pencil, I've read that the additional length of the pencil lines required by going around the pits would increase the resistance compared to the closer DURON/T-BIRD bridges and yield unacceptable results.

For the record, I've successfully used clear nail polish to fill the pits on the XP, followed with the defroster repair fluid.

Good Luck!
Yeah, I have read somewhere that you use a small piece of copper wire, like a single strand out of stranded wire. You then silver conductive only the ends to the bridges and span the pits.
I think you may find the site if you do a google search for "unlock amd xp" or similiar. Seems like an easy way to do it!;)