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Unlocking with KT266 and Tbred 1800+

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Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
Got my 1800+, and I was wondering if anyone else has unlocked this chip by connecting the right-most L3 bridge and got all the 12.5x and lower multipliers... I am going to assume the rules are the same for the 1700, 1800, 2200, 2400, etc...

Other question is "will just putting the chip in my board allow me access to all the multipliers?" Some people claim that the 1700+ Tbred came "unlocked"... but they say it only works with the KT333 and KT400 boards...
if i understand correctly all tbreds are coming factory unlocked, the faster models taht utilize the larger multipliers dont play nice with older boards kt266-333 as they simply dont have the bios support for multies that high, (im sure bios fixes can fix that in time)

i think with an 1800 you should be good to go on that board, so long as it understands multies that high, i could be wrong but thats my understanding from what ive been reading around, and some of the information is contradictory taht ive seen

edit, what kinda cooling ya gonna be putting that thing under, im getting my 1700 tbred in today and i have moderate-high end air cooling.. untill i can afford h20.. mwa ha ha
Throw it in there. If tis the same as my 1700+ everything under 12.5x will work for you.
Cool, thanks for the replies.

I was using this chart (thanks to Stompah's recommendation).

I am going to be toying with this for the next 2 days with my AX-7, but Friday I should have the watercooling rig I recently bought from skip and will promptly be using that :).