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unlocking xp2000+

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New Member
Nov 26, 2003
am kinda new at overclocking and was wondering what the procedure is for unlocking my xp2000. again I'm an overclockin noob, so easier is better


Dec 5, 2003
I was unaware of XP2000+ being locked. But if you want to oc your system, then take a look at the "sticky" post at the beginning of this section. It will help you get comfortable. Also, everyone will need to know what you have on your system for euipment, i.e. mobo, memory, vid card, psu etc.

Hope this helps.:D

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
If you have a Palomino (You can check using GCPUID in my sig) then the procedure is:
Note before start: If you have a green CPU, before you start you gotta scratch the L1 bridges with something to remove the clear cover that is covering the contacts.
You will need some non conductive stuff like super glue, there are reports of crayons working and abunch of other non-conductive stuff, even white goop (stock thermal paste, NOT Artic Silver!!!), and some conductive material like Rear window defogger repair kit, or conductive ink/paint.
To start off, mask the whole surroundings of the pits (cut marks) on L1 bridges, cover the dots too, fill the pits with non conductive material. let it dry a lil bit, (if its super glue, don't let it harden or you won't be able to remove the masking tape) then remove the masking tape and mask each individual bridge, then take the conductive stuff and close the connection between each pair of the L1 dots. mask each bridge at a time and let the conductive stuff dry well so you don't mess up the unlock when u mask the next bridge.