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Unsatisfactory and slow performance with RDram!

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Jun 25, 2002
Well, I am not sure about the computer and please correct me if I am wrong.

My system is
Pentium 4 1.5G
Gigabyte MB
384 RDram (pc800)
Leadtek Geforce 4 MX440
20 GB 7200 rpm

I have 3 modules of RDram (128 x2 & 64x 1) and attached onto my MB. The problem is the speed of loading/shutdown Windows XP and running some applications is too slow! Isn't RD faster than DDR, but why mine is f***king slow, even though I formatted the whole HD and reinstall OS! 16 bit of RD must be a pair, then is 64mb that module doesn't work? Just because it is a single module! However, my MB able to acknowledge my system has 384mb of RAM! So as you see, am I needed to buy another module of 64mb? Or RD is totally lousy?

Well, I plan to upgrade my system. It is worthy to upgrade to RDram PC 1200? According to my experience for reading a lot of forums, I noticed that not much people go for RDram but DDR, so DDR is also a good choice for me? All I wants is a true fast PC and my processor would be P4 2.8 GHz!
hmm.... rambus ram has to be run in pairs, as it is a parallel circuit.
try removing the 64 meg stick , and putting back the rimm that came with the mobo
Actualy some DDR modules are faster then RDR800mhz and just a lil bit slower then RDR1066
Remove the 64 MB stick, and make sure you have the C-RIMMs in the right configuration. Also, make sure you have any and all settings in a default condition. Benchmark (Id recommend Sandra), record that, then move on to tweak the settings. Benchmark again, and see what it might be that might drag it down, or increase performance.

Also, what are you comparing this to? You say its slow, but to make a judgment of slow/fast, you have to compare it to another system. Loading XP is slow anyway; look through the Windows forum for tweaks. Also, a 1.5 gig P4 isn't that fast, and Im speaking from experience (check my sig). This may be your most likely culprit.

For upgrading, wait for the Granite Bay chipset to come out. This will have dual-channel DDR, which will beat RDRAM. However, if this is too expensive, or you can't wait, PC 1066 RDRAM will beat most any P4 DDR solution.