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unstable power Supply?

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May 31, 2003

its a new powermax 400w PSU with
new soltek SL-75MRN-L nForce-2 MB

for some odd reason he 3.3v is really
low,like around 3.03v and other rails
like 12v,5v etc are flucturcting up and
down and its causing instablity

dunno what's wrong... :(
is there something wrong with my
PSU or MB or my house's power-line?



May 23, 2002
well for the fluxations on the house i'd say it's possible, but your PSU should take those out. I would guess it's a bad PSU, but it still could be the mobo. Can you test the MB or PSU with other setups?


Jul 14, 2002
AC fluctuations shouldn't matter that much because the PSU regulates itself, and the label may even say that the AC can be anywhere form 90-130V. I'm no expert, but I think that variations in the AC input voltage matter less than variations in load. Did you measure with a meter?

Is this a Powerman (Fortron, real good) or Powmax (Leadman, not so good)?


Jul 3, 2001
Houston Texas
Powmax aint that good...I have had bad experiences with them, so I stay away from them...BIOS and programs that tell you voltages are usually very unreliable...The best way is with a digital multi-tester...I use a Antec ATX power supply tester to put a slight load on the power supply and check all the rails with the digital multi-tester...Then I go into the BIOS and check the voltages and compare the two...Then I have an idea what the BIOS readings should be to match what I tested them with the multi-tester...:)


May 31, 2003
yep,powermax sux *** but it came with the
case,maybe i'll RMA that POS powercrap :D
it's prolly fake *** 400w

btw,i borrowed a 300w OEM PSU from a
friend,3.3v runs @3.26v->3.29v and all
other rail up to spec and running stable
but still fluctuate a bit but not as bad :)

finally got it solid @2.1g, 1.7v with stock
heatsink/fan for now and passed prime95's
torture test... until i get volcano 7+ :D

btw,my surge protector's red on-lights
blinks continusly,maybe there's some
problems with my power line...