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Unstable system...you know the deal, help!

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Jun 1, 2001

I received my A7V8X two days ago with 256MB Samsung PC2700 (M368L3223DTL-CB3, what's the reputation for overclocking with this model?) and a 1600+ AGOIA. I was wondering, though, what my memory timings should be, but I would like everything at the most agressive speeds. I have been away from the overclocking scene for about 3-4 months since I last RMA'd my old GA-7VRXP so once again I need help again.

Alright, here are my current settings:

(166*10.5 = 1743 MHz)

CPU Frequency Multiple: 10.5x
CPU External Frequency (MHz): 166/33
Memory Frequency (MHz): 333
CPU Vcore Setting: Auto
CPU Vcore: 1.750V
DRAM Voltage: Auto
System Performance: Turbo

>Chip Configuration:
SDRAM Configuration: Manual
SDRAM CAS Latency: 2.0T (DDR)
SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay: 2T
SDRAM RAS Precharge Delay: 2T
SDRAM Active Precharge Delay: 6T
SDRAM 1T Command Control: Enabled
SDRAM Bank Interleave: 4 Bank

CPU Temperature (Idle): 34 C
CPU Temperature (Full): 39 C

And here is my problem: I can boot into Windows XP without any problems, but soon after I will notice random errors from random programs. Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, VirtualDub, etc. And sometimes the whole computer will just freeze up, especially when I am encoding video files with DivX or playing DivX files on Windows Media Player, or using the Prime95 Torture Test. I have tried increasing my CPU Vcore a little higher (1.800V) and I have even increased the DRAM Voltage (2.75V), but I haven't attempted 2.85V just because I don't see that making much of a difference. Even with those increased voltages I seem to still have some problems with random errors and freezing.

Is it my RAM? If it is should I try to RMA it, and if so what would I say? If you see any error in my settings please point it/them out. Please let me know if you need any more information.

Use less agressive memory timings and see if the problem contiues or not.

>Chip Configuration:
SDRAM Configuration: Manual
SDRAM CAS Latency: 2.5T (DDR)
SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay: 3T
SDRAM RAS Precharge Delay: 3T
SDRAM Active Precharge Delay: 6T
SDRAM 1T Command Control: Disabled
SDRAM Bank Interleave: 2 Bank or disabled
Alright, this is what I did. I set the timings to "By SPD", set the 1T timing to disabled, and I set the "System Performance" setting to Optimal instead of Turbo, which are the only two options. So basically by RAM is at the slowest it will be at 333 MHz. So this is how I tested it: I go into mIRC and when I right-click on a channel window it usually freezes.

FSB: 166/33
Vcore: 1.75V
Memory: 333 MHz

FSB: 166/33
Vcore: 1.775V
Memory: 333 MHz

FSB: 166/33
Vcore: 1.800V
Memory: 333 MHz

FSB: 166/33
Vcore: 1.850V
Memory: 333 MHz


So as you can see it no longer seems like it is the memory, does it? Nope, it seems like my processor is just not liking the overclock. But it isn't my temperatures either, as stated above. So what the heck is the problem? Why can't this AGOIA do 1750 MHz?

I am still testing, so I will keep updating. In the mean time keep suggesting Placid, you are always there to help me :)
Yes, I just tested it again.

FSB: 133/33
Vcore: 1.75V
Memory: AUTO
Memory Timings: MAX AGRESSIVE

But I still am not sure if that eliminated my RAM as the possible culprit. After all, I believe my RAM is running at 266 when the fsb is at 166.
I think maybe the
Memory Frequency (MHz): 333
Sets the memory to asych +33mhz over the fsb setting.
So when you try 166 with the memory at 333 it's really at 199mhz.
I don't think so. When I set the FSB to 166/33 it allows a memory of ONLY 333. It warns not to go lower than the FSB, but that warning really doesn't matter since the only option available to me at a FSB of 333 MHz is 333MHz for the RAM.
Yes, but when I test the memory in Sandra it still benchmarks at the FSB rating. So at an FSB of 166 and Memory 333, Sandra gives a score of about 2350, and with the FSB at 133 and Memory 333, Sandra says about 1900... So yea...
If the memory works at 166 then I doubt it's the memory.
Running asynch 133cpu/166memory does not usually give any great sandra score boost over 133/133.

I would look into other possible causes for now perhaps a bios update or irq conflict sometimes those things will not be a problem until you start overclocking.
I was reading at that forum you linked me to Placid, and I noticed that some people were arguing that BIOS 1004 offered the best performance and that the other other versions had memory and boot problems. So I promptly downloaded 1004 and downgraded my BIOS and it seems as if the crashes are absent in mIRC now. However I haven't yet tested it in Prime95. I'll let you know when I do.
Nevermind, I played a DivX file and BOOM! Crash! Wow this is getting on my nerves.
LOL humm.... how bout set everything back in the bios to default settings and then work from there adjusting the timings and fsb and voltage on everything.?
Placid, I unlocked my processor and I set the multiplier to 8.5 and the FSB to 166 (166*8.5= 1411 MHz) which is only about 11 MHz from stock. I set the memory to the most agressive timings and put the performance at turbo. Result: CRASH. Alright, but that's not the part that gets me... this is:

I left the multiplier and FSB at the same setting and I set my memory to the slowest possible settings and set the system performace to optimal. Result: CRASH.

Now what the hell is wrong? The processor is at stock basically...and the RAM is at the slowest timings!
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You might have a bad(sub-par) memory stick but before you return it you can try moving to the memory slot furthest away from where it is now.
Also I would ask on the other board about your problem and see if anyone using the board has any suggestions.
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Alright, I'll do that now. If it still doesn't work then I am going to RMA it I think. This is getting ridiculous.

By the way...here is my processor stepping:

I forgot to mention some samsung does not like higher voltages and will give errors if its set too high mine does not like 2.8v it should run 166 at 2.5-2.6v.

BTW do you know it's genuine samsung or 3rd party using samsung memory?
Oh yea, I just switched the memory to the 3rd slot and the crashes are still occuring. So do you think it's the memory now then?
By the way, it is Single-Sided, not double-sided. I don't know if that helps at all.