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Unusually high idle system and CPU temps...

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Steven J Gore

May 6, 2001
Cheshire UK
I have Motherboard Monitor 5.06 monitoring my system and cpu temps, and I have calculated the compensation values by matching the Windows readings (when idle) with the BIOS readings.

My idle cpu temp at the moment is 49, and my system temp is 42. These are the exact same temperatures that the BIOS reports, and these are typical idle temps for my system. Ambient room temp is 24. I thought perhaps that these might be fairly normal readings, until I did a search of these forums and found that most peoples idle cpu temps are 25-35 and only reach the 40's when doing intense 3D gaming. Mu cpu goes into the 50's during intense gaming, but never goes over 60, and rarely over 55.
BTW, SiSoft Sandra 2001SE reports 38 for system temp, and 37.5 for cpu temp.

Any suggestions on what may be wrong? Maybe my BIOS readings are wrong?

My system: 133Mhz FSB 1Ghz PIII, Abit SA6R mb (latest BIOS), 256MB unbranded P133Mhz RAM, running Windows 2000 Pro SP2.
Cooling: ThermoEngine V60-4210 on CPU, CardCooler XT on cards/mb, 80mm Coolermaster on the front, 92mm CoolerMaster extracting at the rear.
That case temp is way too high. You appear to have listed a decent array of fans, so i must assume u have improper airflow within the case.

How well are you routing your cables in the case?
Is there a clear path for air flow to follow from your intake to your exhaust fans?
Are your fan grills obstructing air intake or exhaust?

ANd the dummy question of the month: "Did you plug the fans in?"
Thanks for the quick reply!
I have rounded IDE cables and plenty of large voids between cables, cards etc. There also is no "clutter" blocking air flow at any point, and I have removed the grills from the fans (particularly the CardCooler XT - grills make it hum!). There are no filters over the fans either, and all cables are routed towards the sides of the case. There is also a clear path from the intake to the exhaust.
And yes. The fans are all plugged in! (...although I admit you made me check!)
All this is making me think that the BIOS readings are wrong, and therefore the MBM compensation values are too. Any more suggestions, anyone?
If it were me I would go buy a digital thermemeter and find out for sure what you case tmeps are. A case temp of 42c is very high so high that I don't trust it to be acurate.
I hope your temps are wrong or you will fry your chip soon! max temp is 60C for yours, some say 70 some say 60 so to me that means that some chips will fry at 60 and you dont want to fund out if thats where yours will fry's now to find out if your temps are rite if your at 50C touch your heatsink and if you can feel the heat before you touch it and if you do touch it and it burns then its at 50C if 30c is 86 degreesF you should be able to tell the difference between 35c and 55C goodluck i'm running 25Csystem 30C cpu temps now and 25C is ambient theres also a program called RAIN at www.tweakfiles.com it will help your idle temps a great deal without affecting performance. First order find out if yout temps are rite if they are that high you have problems you need to address now! if you need more help theres plenty around that will be glad to help you.