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Up grade Video card

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Sep 27, 2002
Key West, Fl.
Need some help here folks, I am in the process of rebuilting my old system...(new mb)abit kx7-333 R, 512 2700 crucial mem, 40 gig maxtor, 56x cd, 5.1 cs card. The old vid card is a 4000xt 64mb w/tv out. from reading the forums this card apparently does not do well with the kx7. What would be a good place to start from mid level to on up within reason $$$$ :rolleyes: I would a like your input to the next bite out of the wallet:D for a good card. Bob.
well since you seem to upgrade very seldomly, you should go with 128mb card. You have there choices:

8500le 128mb which is under 100 dollars and is the best price/performance

gf4ti4200 128mb which IIRC is around 150 bucks, 10%-15%faster but 50% more then the 8500. The gf4's get faster and pricier as you go, personaly I wouldn't get more then a 4200.

the 9700, got 300 bucks to burn?

I would get the 8500 since it's a great card and i don't think a gf4 ti4200 is worth 50 more.
The 4200s are a nice balance of price and performace IMO. I installed one in a client computer and he can play all games currently available with a decent amount of detail. I also own an 8500LE and I haven't seen better 2D anywhere. I haven't gamed with it though as it's in my backup machine.

ATC9001, thanks for your input, your right on the selmdon up grade path, I usually buy for the long haul and upgradeable without having to change much. I will look at both of those cards. and get back with you. :) ----------------------------------------------

Top Hat, I am not a serious game player like some of you folks, but I do like to play a serious game now and then, with 3 girls in the house I have to share my system :( with them lol. thanks for your input. --------------------------

Johnny what are your reasons for your choice and where is a good place to buy them ????
take the advice of someone you know get the Geforce Ti 450 its good you dont need that expensive Gf4 and 64 meg is good enough
If you only upgrade seldomly, I'd spend the cash and get the Radeon 9700, or wait till the NV30 comes out. Either card will definately see you through the next few years. Even the GF4's would be a good choice.
I would recommend the ATI Radeon 8500 128MB. That card supports full DX 8.1 and Pixel Shader 1.4 so it still has a decent life to it...and it's cheep too!
i still feel that the Geforce line is way better than the ATI line any day but thats just my two cents
If you not a gamer, go with the cheaper cards. Like the Radeon 7500 or the GF2Ti. If your gaming, the GF4Ti4200 is a good inexpensive card. If you want a really good card, the GF4Ti4600 is the way to go. :):):)
If your not in a great hurry then I'd keep an eye out for Newegg refurbs on the 8500/8500le or a Ti4200. You can get the 8500s for around $60 and up and I even saw a Ti4200 for $85 and it was a Gainward. If you get the 8500 try to get one made by ATI or watch the clock/mem speeds on the "powered by ATI" cards. Some of the "powered by ATI" cards have crappy mem.

If you do see a smoking deal on a newegg refurb, grab it. They go quick!
Your best bang for the buck is a 8500LE 128 DDR card. Once overclocked if you need to it will provide very good performance and a decent life span. For $90 you can not beat it, thats a fact.

cisco kid;)

I don't have a recommendation (yet) but there are a couple of questions you should answer before taking any advise:

1) How large is your monitor and what resolution do you use? This is the most overlooked factor when deciding which video card to buy. The current generation of high end cards (Ti4400 and up) can only show their stuff when running games above 1280x1024. If you're happy using a 17" monitor and never set your resolution higher than 1024x768, the "entry level" cards mentioned here have all the horsepower you'll need.

2) What games do you and your family like to play? This is a huge question because buying a better video card does not necessisarily mean an improvement in visual quality or observable framerates. Video intensive games like Unreal Tournament 2003 and Commanche 4 will consume as much 3D video card power as you can throw at them. But some of the best selling titles (The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon and Civilization III) do not need a 3D video card at all. Every genre of games has different hardware requirement levels. It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment you don't need.

Radeon 9500 Pro

I cant say any bad stuff about it :D
Cheap , Good for performance and future proof if u want to keep that card for a long time

Although in lower resolution u will not get any better result but i still think buy an entry level card like those gf4 mx is not worth it
(Thats only me of course because i like to play games alot )

Consider the radeon 9500 pro for your christmas
and if u get a new system (which is i am going to get one soon :D)
buying a gf4mx or maybe the radeon8500 will only put a bottleneck on it.

a good pc is a well balance pc with all the appropiate hardware and component

good luck ..darn I can't help myself to stop seeing review of pc stuff ( addicted :D )