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Update BIOS on HPT370 PCI Card

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Oct 18, 2001

I have some problmes with both of my Seagate Barracuda IVs attached to a PCI RAID Controller Card with HPT370. Post shows me BIOS 1.0.3b, which is dated late 2000. (data corruption - system hangs when movings big files around partitions or capturing )

So I tried to update BIOS to v2.0.0919, but when I excecute the LOAD file, nothings else happens - it just shows me the dates of the Contoller card (device number, Bus adress ...)

Do I have a read-only BIOS or what's going wrong?
A pic of my controller card - guess there's something missing?
Are you running the BIOS update program from a pure DOS environment?

You can't be in Windows at all to do it. You'll need a DOS boot disk and flash it just is if you were flashing your motherboard BIOS.

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No I tried it under pure DOS - win9x boot disk.

Does this BIOS chip appears to be a read-only? Somebody said that it does .....

So I installed a newer driver in WinXP and Sandra Drive Index climbed from 16xxx to 27xxx - I think there must be something wrong with this card.

What RAID cards do you recommend?

Dawicontrol must be cheap and nice - any other ones?
No. Nothing is wrong with your card. Sandra does NOT like the HPT370. I get continiously low scores from Sandra. Pay no attention to the hard drive bench in Sandra.

I also have troubles flashing my card (but mines on board). Make sure you have any and all types of caching in your bios turned OFF.
Thought so about the BIOS settings, but I will try it again tonight.

SO what do you think when you look at the BIOS Chip on the Controller? Doesn't look like a flash BIOS, hm?

I played around with VIA RAID Patch and inofficial PCI patch, but still the same sandra score ....

I'm running WinXPpro (2600) and the VIA 4in1 ver37a and the latest HPT Driver 2.31 under Win ....