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Update on copper reservior

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
My mail to onlinemetals.com was replied to and it basicly read as follows "You can order sheets and make it yourself, or call me and we can talk it over". I feel odd about having someone put something together for me that I could just put together myself w/ the copper sheets. Copper 110 is the one with the highest thermal properties, correct?

Hoot- I believe you said you had copper you were selling? I'm not sure if you said this or not in the last thread about the copper reservior?
Yes, I have 6 inch wide and up to 5 foot long pieces of shiny, 24ga copper sheet. I use it for all kinds of projects, both in RF and Computing. Its stiff enough to put in my bending brake and make "Bud Boxes" for projects. It would make an excellent reservoir, but two dimensions could not exceed 6 inches. IE It would make a 6x6x? box, like 6x6x6, 6x6x8, 6x6x10, etc. It is also great for homebrew HSF fins.
Hmmm.....gears are turning.....too bad I have no metal-working skills at all or I'd be all over a copper reservoir. I'm slowly building a new reservoir, so far just got the barbs...:)
You interested in selling any Hoot? I'd be glad to buy from a fellow member! Prices? my case is tall but it's kinda on the thin side, so it's fine if none of the sides can exceed 6".

Rugby- if I got enough material left over I'll see if I can throw something together for ya! I think you should check out plexiglass for a reservior, that would be cool to see all your water in there especially if you had something to make it a different color like Dyelite! (a big tank of a glowing green liqiud in your computer, now wouldn't that confuse the hell out of your friends?)