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Update on my watercooling...

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Dec 22, 2000
Well it is succesful!!!! Let me take a survey on my current temps...they seem to be OK considering a 2.05v core, and an estimated 85 watts of heat production at the overclocked setting. At stock speeds the maximum loaded temps never break 34c.....that's nice...but overclocking puts a tremendously higher heat load..so....check it out....

-1.0 TBird @1.2ghz with 2.05v
-12"x5" radiator
-(2) 120mm fans at @10v @50cfm each (VERY QUIET!)
-BeCool copper waterblock
-Danner 350 Magdrive pump
-3/8" silicon tubing

ambient temp 22c-25c
system temp 28c-30c
cpu idle temp 28c-30c
cpu loaded temps 41c-42c (3+ hours of Folding, Seti, and Q3A loops)

This cpu is 100% stable at this speed, no locks, crashes, BSOD's, or reg errors. Win2k Pro OS. Fans on radiator are only at 10v so there is some room for more cooling if needed, they are rated @85cfm @12v....but I like the quietness, and I only have (2) 80mm case fans that work wonderful and QUIET at 7v. Case temps are very low.
Just an observation, but that seems like a lot of work for 200mhz. Have you tried anything faster? Was it unstable? Inquiring minds want to know.
Well, alot of work it really wasn't, and I will have this watercooling setup for my next mobo and cpu. This 1.0 was a tough overclock aircooled, it did not like 1200 at all unless the voltage was cranked, and then it ran hot. SO, 1.2 STABLE now is fine! It is cool, I got almost FREE 200mhz more, and when I slap my 1.2 in here I expect an easy 1400.....
And mr. smarty pants, what do YOU have?
I didn't mean it like that, please don't take it the wrong way. I know some cpu's are more tolerant than others with overclocking. I got really lucky with my Duron 650 on a Kt7-Raid mb. I picked it up at a computer show before I found this website and I have really learned a lot from others. My Duron 650 is running at 1070mhz and right now is hitting 48oC running folding@home. I have an alpha 6035 with the sunon 60mm fan and a 120mm blowhole on the side. My case sucks bigtime and I definitely would like a case with better airflow to run cooler.

Like I said, I didn't mean anything by my comments, sorry if you took it the wrong way.
Good job so far! The temp diff between full load and idle seems to be rather large for watercooling. How do you have your fans mounted? Many people mount then right on the rad the problem with that is air is only moving past a small part of the fins. If you can get a little distance between them and pull air through the whole rad it just may narrow the gap between full load/idle temps. A good way to tell if your water is heating up is to get a cheap radio shack thermomitor with remote sensor to monitor water temps.
That is how I keep track of temps. After frying a 1g TBird and an 850 Duron trying to get accurate CPU temps, I instead monitor my coolant temperatures with an 'Shack indoor/outdoor. thermometer. Allows me quick and accurate temps all the time.
you should be able to go higher with no loss in stability. Have you tried that? Rugby was not being condescending. He was merely stating the fact that with water cooling you can much higher speeds and voltages. You should try it, i bet it will go higher!
Rugby definately didn't mean any harm, and like he said I would have to agree it looks like you have obviously done the voltage mod if you have a vcore of 2.05, with that kind of voltage you should definately be able to milk a little more out of that chip, I know some chips just absolutely refuse to cooperate. I have one of them now but it's in the wife's system. But like with my 1Ghz Tbird with a 2.05 vcore I can run it at 1350 stable but until I get a couple more case fans I'm keeping it at 1300, plus I leave mine crunching folding 24/7 so I would rather not run it warm while I'm not here. The weather here is starting to get warmer and the case temps are getting up to 27-28C but the cpu never goes above 44C full load, so the watercooling definately helps out.
That's exactly what I meant, the words just came out all wrong. I do that sometimes, just ask my wife.......
Ahhh Rugby, I did not think you were being mean! Hehe, I did not take it hard at all. And I did not mean to sound rude myself...hence the mr. smarty pants reference :)

The differential in temps I think could be from the fact that all of my cooling fans are at reduced voltage? I run the two 120mm radiator fans at 10v and the 80mm case fans at 7v for reduced noise. Check out pics of the rig here: http://www.cox-internet.com/raptur/
Wow, that's an insane setup there. I'm thinking about water cooling more and more now because it's hitting the 70's here in Chicago and my once stable 1070 just died. I've scaled back to 1017 (dropped the multiplier from 10 to 9.5) due to heat. I unfortunately will need a larger case because mine sucks bigtime. Great job on the case, really professional looking!

Thanks for not taking me too seriously.....
Nice clean setup there. Im going water my self in a few months.

Looks like you need to invest in a cable modem though :) Thoes are some bad cs pings.

Look for (]CSG[) Mord-Sith Some time Ill show you whats up in cs :)
FWIW, that's not much better than the top of the line air cooled HSF. It would be interesting to see how it performs with the fans all the way up. You should be able to get between 1.4-1.5Ghz with simple water cooling. That is, with everything else being right for that range of frequency.

Yeah I DO have cable modem, but that particular server is 23 hops and a bad hop kills the ping. I am mainly a LAN player, and that's where Ido my butt kicking :)

But FWIW, those temps are nice and stable, and yeah, with the two 120mm fans at full 12v speed, I get 3c-4c lower temps, but the noise is not worth it. My rig is barely louder (if at all) than the stock case, the power supply fan is the only thing you hear... http://www.cox-internet.com/raptur/

My 1.2 @2.05v core produces 85 watts of heat output, I'll take 43c max temps AND killer quietness in my rig anyday over 39c temps and a big whooshing noise :) 43c is stable....and not too hot at all, even for an overclocked rig. Staying under 45c is the main concern, and I can do that all day with NO noisy fans to bother me. The entire reason I went water is to CUT THE NOISE down. I really don't care to hit 35c-38c temps if I can be quiet AND stable at my given overclocked speed. It idles at 28c-29c as well....

When my 1.33 and new KT7A gets here this week, I plan on running 1.4-1.5, and with no more than 1.85v hopefully, I STILL will be in the 82-85 watt range, which should run the same temps as I am now. And hey, like I said, I want QUIETNESS and cooling in my rig. With water I can run under 45c all day long with no stability probs. That's all I care about :)