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Update to my original question on cooling

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Mar 12, 2002
Well, the old thread was getting long and got burried anyway, and the question is different now too.

The new question is, I think I'll probably go with one of the new T-breds when I build my system around June. How much cooler will these things run than a regular XP 1900+? I hear everything from 15-30% cooler, what's the best guess? And for referance, does anyone know what temps a regular XP (1900-2000+) runs at with stock cooling?

Would an extreme solution like watercooling really be necessary (for overclocking)? I pretty much plan to go with standard air cooling. So, what would be a good HSF to run with one of these (I plan to stay away from Delta fans though)?

Oh, and for those of you running with the Delta 68CFM fans, could you post a sound file with the fan running, so I could hear what it's like with the case all sealed up?

Much thanks to anyone who can help! ;)
Well, can't help you much, but I wouldn't be to optimistic on getting the answer you are asking for, cause they are inaccurat. I would suggest you edit youre post and give a more spesific explenation on what you mean.

No one can know how much cooler the tbred will be until it reaches the test labs on the net, but you can expect at least some better because of the 0.13 micron.

And "stock cooling" is just as varied as the one bougt from different shops. You might get a bad one, or a good one (this happens very rarely...). Specify a hsf.

Water cooling is needed for quiet and extreem overclocking, it all depends on what you want out of your system.

For the HSF you required, ask again in june, there will happen lots of stuff in that section too until then.

But anyway, hope anyone can help you more than I did, though I doubt it.