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Updating my fridge mod=lots of condensation

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Nov 2, 2001
Tulsa Oklahoma
Hi all,
I took your advice and reduced the size of my reservoir. I went from a 5 gallon res. down to a 1.5 gallon. I also picked up some wall/ceiling insulation and packed it around the new res. My temps dropped by 5*C! My res. was at around 2*C and after the update it dropped quickly down to -3*C.

All was going great and when I had to leave for work I figured I'd just leave my system on and see what it stabalized at when I got home. Well, when I walk in the door I hear the dredded beep of death coming from my case! I immideately pop open the case (which is on it's side luckily) and there is copious, I'm talkin large amounts of water on and around my block. The problem is that although I condensate prevented around the base and the sides of my block, I left the top exposed and unprotected. It turns out that my 80W pelt that I used to have in there was very much helping my block from creating condensation. But now that I'm only using a mini fridge, any exposed area is condensating.

I have removed the block from the processor and dryed all the water that I could see. I also completely dried off the block because I plan on using the Rubatex Tape to insulate the whole thing like another user here so graciously taught us. (Sorry I didn't mention your name but I'm in a big hurry and I don't have time to search. When I get a chance again I will edit this post.)

So far, I don't know if my mobo will be salvaged. I will fix the condensation issue on my block and hopefully my board will be nice and dry by then. Well, I'm signing off for now and I probably wont check for replies until I get done with the block

Wish me luck.
OK, here's an update. I just couldn't wait for my block to be finished so I pulled out my stock Intel HSF hopping that if I could get the Heatsink on there I could get my computer to start up. Since I have nylon threads in my mounting holes I couldn't mount it the normal way though.
So I just took the clips off of the heatsink and rotated it so it would be oriented horizontally on the board and not vertically.
The problem is that I have no way of mounting it, so I just decided to set it on top of my Processor. I'm talkin' no clips, no tie downs, no nothin'. My HSF is just sitting on top of my CPU. And my temps are an unbelievable 38*C! and I've got my 1.8A @ 2.4 right now!

So my motherboard Is working fine which is a big relief.
As for protecting my water block I have already begun. Instead of Rubatex on top I've gone a different route. I have the DD Maze 1-C1 which as you all know is a copper waterblock with an aluminum hold down . This poses a pretty tough quesion about how I should protect it against condensation. My solution I think is pretty good.
I completely removed the water block from the tubes so I could easily work on it. I sealed the water block and the hold down clamp with some RTV silicone then I took what was left of my Conformal Coating Kit and filled the entire inside area with
Conformal Coating. I'll post pics tomorrow.