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Updating my old white Corsair Vengeance C70

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Apr 29, 2010
Central FL
I've been considering going back to air cooling in March when my current water cooling loop hits the one year mark. Not totally convinced I will go back to air but I plan on using something other than my Phanteks Enthoo Primo if I do. I also don't want to buy another case since I have a couple laying around from previous builds and with all the extra time I have while in quarantine I figure I will mod one to my liking. With that I chose my old Arctic White Corsair Vengeance C70 to update. I'm not really into building another white computer but this case is one of my favorites and really does a good job when air cooling.

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of it before totally disassembling but this is a link to Corsair's site with pics for reference. Over the years I have done various other mods like removing the drive cages and cutting the upper cage off so I could fit a 2x120 radiator in the front. Basically I've removed all the unnecessary clutter it comes with stock to make it a nice little case. Not planning on a white build but also not a glossy or flat black build I chose Rustoleum Satin Black for the color.

With such a big color change I will need to paint each piece and any missed spot will show through terribly because it was white. Also I want to go for a total blackout look. One thing I didn't like about this case was the plastic pieces like the boarders don't match the other black parts so I want to fix that too. So far I've only had a few runs and drips and most are where they won't be seen for the most part so I'm happy.

First I removed all the rivets from the upper drive cage so I could paint it completely. Here is a pic of the remaining drive cage before removing. You can also see some of the white parts of the case before painting.

And after painting the first two coats.
drive cage repainted.jpg

Because it will be held on by rivets again I needed to paint them as well. When I use the rivets they will break off leaving a silver middle so I plan on dabbing that with the same paint once I put everything back together. Here they are painted and waiting.

Also some pics of the front and window side panel after painting. I'm not too worried about the spot where the sticker was because I will be adding a new one.

Here is a pic of the main part of the case after painting.

Here is the back panel after the first two coats. The spots on it are dust not the paint.

That's it for now. More to come as I finish the paint reassemble.
Here are the window border pieces after painting. They used to be a different black than the interior black and that just bugged me.

Also a pic of the rear dust covers and the little piece that goes around the reset button after painting.

Also painted the case feet. Taped off the rubber part so it didn't get covered in paint.

Front drive covers after painting. Just can't seem to keep the dust off for the pics.
Finally started assembling everything.

Was going good until I hit the second fan on the D15 Chromax. Because of the ram height the fan doesn't fit without hitting the side panel.

Time to rethink the cooler or fan, probably the fan. Maybe go down to a 120 and see if it fits.
Very nice job on the paint!

Do you think you can mount that front Cooler fan on the back instead? It shouldn't affect your temps at all. In fact, I've seen the D15's run with just the middle fan and temps were still good. LOL Gotta love Noctua.
I think it will hit the motherboard heatsink but I will play with it some tonight. Noctua sells chromax 120mm fans too which should fit fine so worst case I switch to that and keep the blackout theme I'm going for.
Very nice job on the paint!

Do you think you can mount that front Cooler fan on the back instead? It shouldn't affect your temps at all. In fact, I've seen the D15's run with just the middle fan and temps were still good. LOL Gotta love Noctua.

It almost fits this way. I would have to shave one of the window screws down and it would still possibly touch the panel some but it would fit. I have a black Noctua 120mm fan arriving tomorrow that should fix the problem. Yay Amazon!
Had a little time to start installing pieces tonight. Replaced the heatsink intake fan with a Noctua Chromax 120mm fan which just barely fits over the ram. I'm going to use the original fan as a chassis fan since I have it.

As you can see wire management is next on the schedule.

Very nice! I've got a military green version of this C70 case for sale, with the original box and all it's original hardware.

I've loved the quality of the case and seen that it's been a very popular case for modders