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Upgrade Acer Aspire 5517 laptop ?

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Dec 31, 2009
Got this old but barely used..Acer Aspire Laptop 5517 and wondering if worth upgrading etc.

I bought it Feb 2010/Newegg and have barely used it. I keep it as a "backup" in case desktop PC goes down...and it has so I've used it then..mostly to go on line and research how to fix the desktop. And that's been all good, but the job I have now and other changes are showing me I need something mobile on occasion and why not this?

So is it worth upgrading and is stuff available? Or should I go to something other than a laptop? note pad or ? something like that.. My complaints are that its a little slow..in all departments. Other than that it would be fine.

I kinda like keeping/upgrading if possible..just the way I am.. I drive old trucks too..same reason..but if its crazy and I'm better off buying something newer..totally..then I'd do it.

This one is 1.6 Ghz Amd Athlon Processor, 3.0 GB RAM, no pen or touch input, 160 gb traditional hard drive/no ssd, 15.6 inch screen

Because its so old(still running on OEM battery)..haven't seen ..yet..much info about upgrading. Did see one article talking about big speed up with SSD and also about replacing DVD with HDD caddy (don't know a thing about the caddy..but will google etc)

I mostly need it to occasionally order stuff on line and watch how-to videos and similar while I'm at work and mobile..have good WIFI at work. building maintenance/repairs all etc..air/frig/water etc HVAC plus. And on occasion watch DVD.

Any suggestions?

With the exception of putting in a DVD it sounds like you'd almost be better off with a nice tablet these days.
I recently got an aspire 5334 given to me by my mother in law who was not using it for a long time. I got a Crucial SSD for it and upgraded the RAM, then did the Win 10 upgrade and it's like a new laptop. I also found a new battery for it on Amazon. It's worked fine and has been getting me by while my PC is built. I also was running Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2 on it for a while with no issue. You just have to weight the cost of the upgrades vs something newer.
With the exception of putting in a DVD it sounds like you'd almost be better off with a nice tablet these days.

I'm on an Aspire 5517 now.
Best upgrade for me has been an SSD, even at that it'll just buy time. This laptop is showing its age. IMO, not really worth upgrading.
I just use mine now for mainly internet surfing.
Thx Donuts..I'll probably compare the cost of upgrading with replacing..I'll do some shopping..but right off do you or anyone have any recommendations for a new laptop or similar note pad etc?

Not something I'd use for gaming..I'm not a mobile LAN gamer etc..just play on my "built desktop" for gaming.

Thx Evil-Mobo there's a good chance I'll do the upgrade..I just like to mod stuff.. I'm like that..especially if it works..the laptop doesn't even have a scratch on it..Seems kinda right to upgrade it if possible..:)
With the exception of putting in a DVD it sounds like you'd almost be better off with a nice tablet these days.

Ya..Tablet..know nothing about them..maybe so. Doesn't Amazon make a deal on Prime for their Tablet? Don't know anything about mobile devices, but can learn.
Looking at the Amazon Prime 8 inch tablet..plus case..plus mem 128GB..= about $280 US.

this might be practical/easier to take to work/hardly if ever need a disc at work

I'll sleep on it.(might still go ahead and update the laptop even if I buy the tablet..can't have too much..I'm just that way :)
The amazon tablets are solid we have a few in the house. If you don't need a disk capability or more memory than what they can offer you I'd say it's a good choice.