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Upgrade for my son

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Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Hey guyz, going to upgrade my son's rig and going with team red. I built him a rig some years ago which he was quite happy with for what he used it for; Youtube videos, school work and some simple games. Now it's just collecting dust as he uses the Chromebook his school gave him. His mother and I are not too happy he uses the Chromebook for his personal uses. If the school finds out he's using the Chromebook for other than school work and something happens to it, we'll have to pay for it out of our pockets.

XFX GeForce 9300 mobo
E2200 Cpu & Hyper 212
4Gb (2x2gb) Gskill DDR2-800
Intel Series 320 160gb SSD
Nvidia 7900 GS Video card
Generic 550w psu
Coolermaster N200 case

I'm going to reuse the case as my son wants to keep it. Will replace the SSD with a large sized Nvme drive. I already have most of the parts so all I need is the board and chip. I'm going to snag a 5900X and give him my 5800X.

Parts I already have are:

16gb (2x8gb) Ripjaws V DDR4-3200
EVGA 850 GA Psu
Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme video card

I tried selling these parts, but no luck. I figured why not just upgrade my kid's rig with them. The board that keeps getting my attention is the MSI MAG B550M Bazooka. Looks to be a great contender for the build and it has all the bells and whistles my son could want. He's not into heavy PC gaming as I am. He's got a PS5 for that he prefers. PC is going to used for school work, videos and maybe the occasional gaming like Minecraft and the like.

Unsure what I'm going to do with his old parts tho. Any ideas?
Too bad you cannot sell them. Sounds to me like the best fit for him would be a $500ish Laptop.

You could find a $100 mATX board, $50 nvme, $50ish case and be done.
I asked him about a laptop, he said no. He wants a "regular pc" as he puts it :LOL:

I looked at some $100 boards. Ones I found scare the crap out of me. I'm thinking they'll burst into flames with a 5800X . $50 Nvme drive I can go for, and he wants to keep his case.
Everything but the GPU is a little too old to sell but I would think that would ebay for something these days. I would list it with a low starting then let it go where it goes.

What about doing the laptop but adding a docking station with monitor and keyboard/mouse?
That's the thing, he doesn't want a laptop. I tried convincing him, but he says no, lol. As for the old parts, I'll ask him what he wants to do with them.
I bought this one for my HTPC/Mining rig. And I didnt clear the dust out of this system ever. I mined, gamed, and watched 4k movies and never had a hiccup or unscheduled reboot.

I know this board is older and might not have 5800x support. But maybe you can find the newer version.

I also bought this one too. The price has gone from $90 to $125. Maybe you can find a b550 version of this board that isn't marked up.

Remember, a 5800x will be powerful enough to not need overclocking and still be relevant for several years. So, you won't need to go crazy on overclocking features.

I've got a Xeon w3550 that my daughter uses and it works perfectly fine.
If you move down to the 5700X CPU you will have a CPU that gives very little less performance than the 5800X with much less power draw and stress on the motherboard. Since he isn't going to be using for gaming he won't notice any difference in performance at all from the 5800X. It would save quite a few bucks on the CPU alone.
That's a good point, trents (is your post in quotes in error or is the forum acting wonky), especially particularly if he's looking to pair it with a heap mobo. The less power the better.
EarthDog, I believe I just entered my text in the reply box without trying to quote anything. But I'm not sure about that. The formatting on the forum looks different than it used to be. Or is it just my imagination?
We upgraded to Xenforo a few months ago, so it looks different. Yes. I'll bet it's just a user thing or you hit quote or something. :)
Just buy a motherboard with good power supply cooling, a tower and a blown system unit. It will stand for centuries, just clean it from dust