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Upgrade opinion

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Dec 5, 2006
SC (now)
I'm looking for an opinion on an upgrade for the q9550 rig. Issue is one core slated to keep folding card fed.
What would you do?

2-i7 chips in question, not the newest, but still upgrade for me. 6-core 3930k, or 4-core 4790k, of course some overclocking will be done.
Just looking to maximize my PPD for BOTH projects.

Not that it matters, the q9550 has already been retired. Currently test driving an AMD 965 system, that one will also be retired. At least the bios was flashed to accept newer 8-core AMD...
I'd go with the 3930k with the understanding it should be faster in rosetta -- 6 cores (& hyperthreading) is kinda hard to beat on that front.
Both chips will be on Rosetta, which one looses a core for folding is the question.
Well, appears decision has been made for me. The 3930k is in my hands, the 4790k is still in transit. Same with the boards.
Unless they appear today...

Still curious as to an answer though, swapping boards further down the road may be an option.
I'm unfamiliar with rosetta, does it have a system like F@H's QRB where crunching a unit faster equals more credit? If so I put the card with the 4790, if not probably which ever chip is clicked the lowest so you take a smaller hit in crunching power
Well, you could use my i7-4770k running 8 threads at stock frequency with 16GB RAM as an idea of the RAC that 4790k will net you. I'm guessing you'll do ~7.5K with either chip.
Cool, managed to get the 3930k to 4.6ghz. 10 threads on Rosie, 2 to folding (just the way BOINC hashed things out) This rig is under water. If I'm not mistaken 90% of the water gear, on that rig, is imported from Canada :cool:. The old 775 waterblock wasn't going to work though.

The 4790k board is still in transit. Will also be under water.
I hope, 6 cores +ht total. May be the twin to Evil's Xeon?

Upgrades have been ongoing. That rig replaces the q9550, old 9850be has been replaced with an FX-8320e 8 core (IIRC @4GHZ). I had put together an old q6600, that one gets retired for the 4790k. Also have a quad core Phenom II rig, I picked up from the classies, I did flash the board so it will take another FX 8 core if needed.

If I planned this out correctly, your old MATX board will also go under water, daisy chained with the 4790k. I'll see how the temps work out on the new (to me) chip.
The daisy chain will run a single d5 vario pump with an mcr 320 rad.
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