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Upgrade the playstation 1 cpu or even recreate entire console motherboard

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Here is one of my old modded Playstation 1's. It is MM3 mod chipped so its region free. It is overclocked to a toggle switch, It can switch between 33mhz and 40mhz. It has been painted, paint job doesn't look that good though after a several years. I had custom Stickers made to replace the power,open,reset, and the name of the system because i painted over them.
It looks kinda like a race car with sponsers or comic book like. It is one that i just made for myself. It is just a hobby.

What makes it unique is that i have Dual 12v fans in it. 1 fan for the laser assembly and another fan for the power supply. The fans run off a tiny step up voltage converter. So i take a small voltage from the PSU and step it up to power the 2 12v fans. The power supply has been recapped using low esr capacitors so it will run cooler. The PSU plug has been flipped to make room for a fan above it. The power LED light has been changed from green to red. The console looks weird at first until you get used to the comic book look. It is painted red and black. I used to sell them but only when they came out really well unlike this one which is flawed. I almost forgot i installed a switch to spin the disc that can be turned on or off so, no haveing to close the lid to run a disc. That also gives alot more power to the laser it seems. Xstation did not exist yet, plus the laser in this unit still works. I think its a 7000 or 7501 version, not certain i would have to take it apart to look cause i did this mod years and years ago. Well i hope you like it Here are some photos. I also soldered in a memory card so it has a built in memory card.

Not going off topic to far, Anyone know much about the playstation classic. I have never had one of those, I did a couple of search's on it and came up with some specs and i read there have been some mods that have made it a pretty good device. Wondering if any of the hardware could be upgraded. Again i have a friend that can do BGA rework really well so BGA isn't something impossible to change. He doesn't work for free though, i would have to pay him for his expertise and he takes a real long time to do anything that is out of the norm, Talking months Micro Hand reballing isn't something i have ever asked him to do. So not sure if he would even do it. Everything is much faster when there is a BGA stencil for the chip.

What Socket is the CPU? Or BGA package? of the Playstation Classic
Wondering if that hardware is custom or is it standard?
Looking at the board it seems like it would be easy to pull the chip.

I could buy one then have the chip removed to find out what socket it is. If its standard then i could try something else but then the guessing game begins, an expensive guessing game i rather avoid playing. Resulted last time with a failed system, fun but failed project. Sometimes it's cool to be the first to try something. People can learn from my failure and succeed in the future. It would have been a powerful Atari VCS steam machine.



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Speaking about the PS1

"Bringing together three prior DF Retro episodes for a long-play marathon video spanning a massive two hours and 46 minutes, John Linneman and Audi Sorlie revisit the launch of the Sony PlayStation from its origins in Japan to its eventual rollout across the globe - and in the process, assess every single launch title in all three territories, stacking them up against other versions on other systems. It's coverage without compromise. This is DF Retro."


The playstation mini classic BGA package is TFBGA406L according to this source but i haven't verified it yet. I have tried to search for a pdf on the package but i get nothing. It may or may not be custom.
  • Playstation mini classic specs
  • SoC Mediatek 8167A Quad Core Cortex-A35 1.5GHz / PowerVR GE8300

  • Audio Chip: Mediatek MT6392A

  • Motherboard Sony LM-11 (1-984-020-11)

  • RAM 1GB DDR3-1866 Samsung K4B4G1646E-BYMA

  • eMMC 5.1 16 GB KLMAG1JETD-B041

  • Dimensions: 149 x 33 x 105 mm / Weight: 170 grams

  • Supported floodlights: 720p and 480p via HDMI

  • Power supply: 5V 1A from microUSB (power supply not included)

  • Packaging: HDMI cable, microUSB USB cable, 2 USB controller, console

thats a mobile phone processor running an emulator. nothing you'll be able to use to produce a faster PSX cpu

Check out Namco arcade boards
thats a mobile phone processor running an emulator. nothing you'll be able to use to produce a faster PSX cpu

Check out Namco arcade boards
Your right and i will check into the Namco arcade boards
But i may make an attempt to upgrade the playstation classic as well but i may post that in a separate thread.

Looking for a stencil for it, and other processors that use that package TFBGA406L. Usually there is a list of processors using that package. Because there isn't one i think it maybe a custom package.

Sony uses custom packages, custom firmware, custom architecture witch makes everything so confusing. For the Average Joe like me. I am not a computer programmer,technician,designer etc, I do like basic solder rework though as a hobbyist console modder. And i have a friend who does BGA rework for a living who is local to me.

As for the Original Sony Playstation CPU upgrade, the closest processor families that i have found are LSI ATMizer II L64363C1,LSI LR33000MC-40, LSI Logic - LR33000MC-33 ,Toshiba TMPR3904AF, Also look up LR33000 and CW33300 i also found some old articles and pdf catalogs listing other processors. Can't find much in the way of LSI computers though.

ATMizer II is a LR33000 chip that has different variants clocked higher then Sonys cpu. I have been looking up datasheets, its the closest match that i have found. I am still looking for all it's variants. Or a list of all its variants. Hopeing to find one that has been customized like Sony's.

But it is confusing because there are different cores created by different vendors such as LSI,HDL,Sony,Toshiba etc all compatible with Mips R3000. The information is difficult to find on these old processors and computer's from 20-30 years ago. I haven't found a single Processor also using the GTE core. Wondering if Sony paid all these vendors, so no one else would use that core.
But i firmly believe after 30 years there has got to be something that will almost directly replace it. There is SGI computers and Sun Systems computer's but there specifications are a mystery and they are still very expensive and hard to find. In my searches thus far.

Reverse engineering and recreating I hope is not the only way, but i would do that, if i could raise the money. But it is unlikely that i could raise enough money because i am not very popular on social media, I don't use X,facebook,instagram,tik tok,youtube etc so my fundraiser will go unnoticed, unless i get some help from someone who is popular that i could trust. I am also a little afraid to have such a large amount of money just given to me. I have always earned my way. But average joe's like me don't have the kinda money to do large projects. I live on a fixed income currently. So i would have to save for years.

Anyway i will continue my search for a cpu,

I have been google searching for hours and it seems to just lead me in circles, same with bing though i used bing less. I have been trying to find early development of the GTE core but there seems to be nothing. Meaning i am trying to find the primitive GTE before Sony or LSI made there GTE if that makes sense, if there is such a thing. Trying to find information or deep information on the GTE. Seems to be a secret in that development of the GTE isn't written about. The GTE just Is not in existence, then suddenly appears. GTE can't be something from nothing it must have come from something. SGI in 1981 made a geometry engine. That is the only thing i can come up with. Why does no other cpu use a GTE In that time peroid? I guess i need to look up patents. Who patented the GTE core?

Forgive me if i am not making sense, I am just a little frustrated cause i may be looking for something that doesn't exist or that can't be found online. January 1st 1983 B-day of the internet. So most likely the information is in a Book published the old fashioned way. I have learned about some computer history so its not a total waste of time. I may have better chances of upgrading the playstation classic cause that system didn't do so well you know.
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Worst case scenario you gut a PS1, put a rpi4 or similar in there and run it emulated. Or can look at a Mister with a Sony PS1 boot setup as well.
Worst case scenario you guys a PS1, put a rpi4 or similar in there and run it emulated. Or can look at a Mister with a Sony PS1 boot setup as well.

This is the path I would take if I was trying to do something like this project. Duck emulator allows you to emulate an overclocked PS1 CPU. So, you get the better CPU performance, but the effect can range from better FPS, to no effect (because the game is frame capped in the code), to breaking the game (because the physics is tied to the frame rate). You could essentially re-make the PS1 classic inside an original PS1 but have more games and freedom for tinkering.

Relevant video: