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Upgrade/tuning advice desired for Adobe Lightroom

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Senior Member
May 10, 2009
My dad is heavy into photography, and uses adobe lightroom for all his processing (not photoshop).
Right now his computer is thusly:

Asus M4A78T-E (AM3)
Amd PhII 810 [email protected]/2.25cpu-nb
2x2gb Gskill Pi ddr3-1333-7-7-7-19-31-2t, at rated spec but 1T.
XP32 Pro

For unknown reasons the CPU does not like >3ghz, i get video artifacts after half an hour of heavy [email protected] or lightroom use (everything else is fine indefinitely, FAH and P95 included). I don't know whether it dislikes the 13x multiplier (running 12x250 right now, it's happy as a clam), or whether it's a speed thing, or what. No clue.

In any case, abusing the filter settings yields ~56% processor usage, and about two redraws per second. In an idea world i'd like 100% usage and more redraws.
I'm hoping someone will have a bright idea on how to get better performance, it seems like more CPU speed/power wouldn't be very useful if it's not even using what it has now.
It isn't accessing the HDDs at all during filter operations, so that's not it.
Cache misses still read as CPU usage i believe (am i correct? This could be it if i'm wrong).

The files are big, Lightroom is ~80mb ram usage for just the program, open a picture and it's ~140mb, if you even open the filter section it goes to 340mb-400mb. Very memory intensive (as is [email protected], making me wonder if that's the OCing issue).

If there are decent gains to be made in new/different hardware they will definitely be considered, dad is an AMD guy though, so while i'm sure a server i7 with a huge L3 would help, it isn't in the cards. Costs too much anyway.

So, what do you think we should do?