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Upgraded PC w/Loud Fan

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New Member
Aug 7, 2016

I just upgraded me machine with a i7 6700K, ASUS, Z170 - E, G. Skill 16GB DDR4 RAM(2x8GB), Cryorig M9. When I first turned on my machine the fan started making a loud clicking/buzzing sound so I though something was wrong. This is my first time using a after market cooler and I'm scared I didn't use enough thermal paste though I think I used a decent amount. Or maybe I didn't install the fan correctly. Also while adding the CPU I noticed a burning smell, not sure if I was just being self conscious but I've never smell this before. I also noticed some scruff marks on my CPU so though maybe I damaged it. The sound I mentioned was actually from a cable that got caught on the case fan so after I moved it it was fine. My machine has been on now for almost 2 hours and I keep thinking I smell burning but I go up close to it and seems to smell fine.

My CPU at idle is about 30-35C and now I have about 25 webpages open and playing a movie and it is just a tab above that. I keep getting a warning from ASUS software that my CPU fan is going at around 600RPM, is that considered too low or too high, what is a good speed? While typing this the fan notice has come back it seems like the fan is struggling to move and I checked this time and nothing is intruding the fans. I was using HWMonitor and fan seems to be going at around 900RPM. I ran QFan Tuning so it should be at optimal so I'm just wondering is my fan working correctly, at the right speeds? If not what should I change it to? Also my machine is not overclocked and don't think I will OC it but maybe in the future.

The rest of my build that I had:

Antec 300
Samsung Evo 256 SSD
Toshiba 3TB 7200 HD
Toshiba 4TB HD
Asus DVD Burner
Antec 550W PS

Thank you in advance.
When you say you smelled burning when adding the cpu, weekday was the smell coming from?

As for the fan I would manually set it at 100% and see what speed it is reported to be running at and compare that to the rated speed. It will tell you pretty quickly if the fan is having issues.
That QFan Tuning (BIOS) doesn't seem quite right to me. It thinks that the fan won't spin from 0-60% or so, so it runs it only at that speed or higher. This is the case for all my fans except the ones on the CPU header. For some reason it has no problem with those. Anyway, I found that using the desktop "Thermal Tuning" utility inside Thermal Radar (itself in AI Suite III) detects the proper range of controllability for my fans, or at least better than QFan does. This means I'm stuck using Fan Xpert to control my fans, which is normally fine but for some reason it just up and forgets all my settings sometimes, which can be dangerous especially with the aio water pump.

I don't know if that helps with your issue except inasmuch as you mentioned that QFan was running your fans and should therefore be optimal, I have found that not to be the case myself.