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Upgrading a P4 2.0A Rambus mobo. opinions needed.

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New Member
Mar 27, 2002
My current mobo a Abit TH7II-R is on its way out. The non-raid ide channels keep going back to PIO mode under HD usage in winxp. It has also very recently started to show System at 99% in taskmanger. On a freash install it will still show full usage. On random reboots it will disapear only to come back. Im not sure when the ide slow down started since I only recently put a drive on them and not the raid controller. The proc usage is new and acpi related. If i change the kernal from acpi uniproc to standard machine the problem goes away.

Done with mobo issue on to other things.

I am planing on RMA'ing the mobo but before i do i want to get a replacement upgrade and use the returned abit for test/backup and possible system upgrade for my girlfriends celly 466.

my system

Gainward Golden Sample G4 TI4400
Netgear 10/100 nic
Koolance watercooled
512 Samsung pc800 2x256
430watt Enermax
WD 80gig special edition
plex 24x
pioneer slot load dvd

what im looking for.

A good OC board. I had my abit up and down for a bit nothing really stable over the 2.0 setting (think i have had a bum mobo from begining)What im hoping for is get my 2.0A running on a 133 bus. I realize the ram may need upgraded to get there so prepared for that since its only RDRAM 800.

Short and sweet vs.

I need a p4 mobo that can OC a p4 2.0A to 2.66 on a 133 bus using RDRAM so recommend away if you don't mind.