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Upgrading components with vista!

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May 26, 2007
i have a copy of vista oem and have heard mutterings of not being able to activate it again if you make too many changes to the hardware!

is this only in the case of a reinstall or will it tell me to reactivate if i make too many changes?

i only ask because ive already upgraded my graphics card, but i may soon have to buy a new processor and whilst browsing i thought i may aswell get 2 more gig of ram and a bigger hard drive because my 160g is full!

so will it ask me to reactivate my pc if i get all this new hardware or will i be ok?

i had problems last time because i'm not a 'registered system builder!' so i dont fancy my chances if i have to ring them up again!



Dec 18, 2003
Lorain, ohio
i'm sure if you upgrade your cpu / mem it will yap at you, however, microsoft's automated tel line, is well, fully automated now so you dont have to normally talk to someone.

ive had no issues upgrading or whathave you if you call the # and follow the prompts it can be re activated easy. it happended to me because it had me activate my laptop when i switched to x64 (i also upgraded to 2 gigs of ram in it as well)


Jun 30, 2005
BCS, Texas
As long as you keep the same motherboard I think you will be ok. Now as for the hardware changes, I would make them all at once to minimize the amount of times you have to call Microsoft. As you probably know you will need to format to incorporate all these changes, but in the future simply reformatting without changing hardware should not require you to re-activate.