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Upgrading to Custom Loop

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likely the 30mm is the right one.... most fans are 25mm thick.

We mount a rad with screws, yep. You should be able to mock up something and see which one fits awfully easy. ;)
Screws? SCREWS? Don't ...
I am looking at metals in the cooling loop. Rad Copper/Brass. Sensors Brass. CPU Block Nickel. Pump??? Reservoir POM+PMMA.
What material in the pump is in contact with water? I asked the mfg. but, so far, no answer.
I don't think nickel in the CPU block is a problem.
Screws? SCREWS? Don't ...

Likely a plastic. But, you're again playing in the minutia. For metals, you want to know what you already know (blocks/rad). Seems like you're all good. ;)
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I received an answer, or, a statement from ThermalTake Technology:

CS06 (Thermaltake Technology)

Aug 6, 2021, 14:53 PDT

The only information we have in regards to your inquiry is a lightweight POM and PMMA construction. As far as the pump goes, we know that any metal that comes into contact should not rust or deteriorate as long as the system is routinely maintenanced.

Best Regards,
Thermaltake Customer Service
800-988-1088 (M~F) 9:00am - 5:30pm
That is about what you would expect for an answer. Most likely your pump is Arcylis / POM and polished stainless steel. Unless you buy cheap from China then it becomes a crapshoot and hard to say what you get.
I am planning to run distilled water with a silver coil in the reservoir.
Biocide Question. Reading another thread, Weird Growth in Loop, should I also use a biocide such as dead water?
If you use Biocide then you will not need the silver. If you use the silver then you will not need the Biocide. They do the same function.

A word of caution in case it hasn't been mentioned. Be careful using silver in a loop with nickel-plated copper. There are many manufacturers that discourage the use of silver altogether.
From another forum

silver has an electro negativity of 1.93, nickle is 1.91, copper is 1.90, brass is 1.92-1.93 and aluminum is 1.61. you need a difference of ~0.25-0.3 to have galvanic corrosion so this is not anything about silver and nickle not getting along (silver and copper are further apart, and copper and brass are about the same apart.) the only reason that they have this is to void warranties, and to get people to buy their BS fluid that will clog blocks and is highly profitable.

I will stay with distilled water + silver coil.
Not sure if anyones said it yet I only read OP. UT60 isn't the rad choice for what you want. It's low fin density and thick = good for low speed fans, won't benefit much from push pull. Get thicker fin density and sacrifice some thickness in the rad potentially for that kind of setup.