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Upgrading ye old Celeron 550 to Tbird

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Jun 9, 2001
I'm finally going to upgrade my system and have decided to go the AMD route this time. I'll probably order the parts when I get back from South Carolina in a few weeks. I've been keeping up on Overclocking for years, but this is my first time posting on these forums. Anyway, I'm probably going to order a 1.4 AYHJA, unless the Palomino comes out really soon. My goal is to OC it to 1.53-1.67... Now these things are putting out tons of heat, and I've been trying to decide which heatsink to buy. The Glaciator looks pretty good, but their website seems to indicate that it will take a while to ship. =\ What are some others which perform as well as it does? I need some links to Heatsink reviews if you have them. I also like what i've read that the Silver compound does to temperatures, this seems like a good bet.
If you want to get that high with a tbird you will need water and or a peltier. They're just putting out too many watts of heat for a regular hfs to deal with. www.dangerden.com has some great water/peltier stuff and many members here use their stuff. I just ordered an aquastealth II used for 60 bucks off of eBay and am going to test it out on my tbird 1.2/266
With the Glaciator on a 1.4 I'm sure you'll be able to get at least 1.6 Ghz, maybe a bit more. Just make sure you have some good case cooling, too. Something like the Hoot Chute would be good. :)