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UPS causing monitor to timeout for 1-2 seconds randomly

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You also thought it was the UPS, lol.

But if you really want to test it, roll back to the last driver that *did* work, see if that fixes it even if it doesn't work as well in some games.

I'm thinking that if Acer opened the RMA ticket, they're also leaning towards it being the monitor itself.
You also thought it was the UPS, lol.

But if you really want to test it, roll back to the last driver that *did* work, see if that fixes it even if it doesn't work as well in some games.

I'm thinking that if Acer opened the RMA ticket, they're also leaning towards it being the monitor itself.

The only thing Acer made me do is try a different cable and monitor reset. We'll see what happens but hey, the option to RMA is there, so that's good.
Here's a couple of things worth a try from reading some Acer Pred posts.

1) Have a VESA DP cable, the one that clips in and specific to your monitor 1.2 or 1.4
2) Turn off Super Sharpness in monitor settings (some users reported the screen timeout goes away after doing this) and Acer Pred monitors have this setting.
3) Other users report it's a multi monitor issue and goes away with only one monitor
4) Try a monitor specific driver and reinstall it after each driver update.

Obviously, if the issue is bad and frequent, the above is likely not a solution. I myself haven't tried the "Super Sharpness" off, so that's where I'm at.
It's been a few weeks since I updated this so I thought I'd share things I've read/learned.

Firstly, I have not solved my intermittent black screen time out. It comes and goes, some days it doesn't show up at all. The only thing that's consistent is that it's 1-2 seconds long.

What I've learned is that Gsync and a higher refresh rate than 60 is potentially what's causing this as well as other similar issues. Even if Gsync is set up correctly, "Setting highest refresh rate in NVIDIA and then using a fps limiter that's a few frames lower etc", I'm sure most/all of you know this but if not the info is easy to find.

I have yet to test this thoroughly but my plan is to enable gsync only in games. I've also set fps limiter values for things like crave tv, google chrome etc, so the monitor isn't bouncing from 235-240 refresh rate, to 60 etc.

At least that's my understanding.
So I really hope this is my last post about this as I think I've solved the issue and hoping this helps some of you.

I originally tried a brand new DP cable to see if it was my original cable that was causing the timeouts. The new cable did the same thing, so I returned it and concluded that the cable was not the issue.

After months of experimenting and trying different things and not seeing results, I decided for some reason to try another cable. The only difference is that this new cable was VESA certified, while the other that I tried was not. I don't know if that made any difference as the overall specs were the same but since using the new VESA DP cable, I haven't had a single black screen timeout.

I guess the lesson learned here is that, try more than one new cable before you conclude that it's not the cable?

Anyway, case closed *fingers crossed*
I wonder if there was a detail in the descriptions of the old DP vs the new DP that would show why the new one worked. I know there are different versions, like DP 1.2 & DP 1.4, but it doesn't sound like your problem was that simple.
It's also weird that the original monitor cable worked for a period IIRC, right? I'd think that it'd be spec'd to the monitor/fully conform to DP standards unless it got damaged.
I had a user who would pound on his desk and his monitor would go on and off. Turned out that he was using an old and well used law book as a monitor stand. Well used in that it was not firm and allowed the monitor to rock. When he pounded on his desk, the monitor would do just that. But wait there's more. He had a jar of pickles that was on his desk just under the power switch. Like it just barely fit. Now you see where this is at. He'd pound on his desk in frustration, the monitor would rock and the power button would hit the jar of pickles. Pound his desk, monitor off. Pound again, monitor back on. Pound in a repeated fashion... make it an even number of pounds or the monitor remains off.

I moved the jar slightly to the right and the problem was resloved. True story. One of our Judges here.

The point is that it can be a confounding variable that you're not thinking of.
True that the original cable worked just fine, so I suspect it got damaged at some point, just not sure how. I believe I bought the same exact cable as the original. A 1.4DP, which is what the specs sheet showed for my original cable but to be honest, there's so many variations of the specs sheet that it could very well have been a 1.2. Still, it worked for a while and then it didn't and it drove me crazy, especially after trying a brand new 1.4DP non vesa cable and I still had the same symptoms. Cool story about the pickle jar/book.
My monitor's timeout is extremely low. Only sixty seconds. In windows, it says that the timeout is ten minutes.
I'm back, and what I'm about to write may sound crazy but I've seen it happen on more than one occasion.

Firstly, the desk my monitor sits on has a tempered glass top. I've been doing ok with my intermittent black screen time-outs since getting another new cable but whenever I put my hand under the monitor, to wipe the desk of dust etc, I often get the 2-3 second timeout. I just dusted the desk now and each time my hand went directly under the monitor and I even wiped the monitor stand, it would time out, over and over and over. I thought, ok...maybe I'm shaking it and the vibration is causing it, so I tried again making sure the monitor wasn't shaking at all and still, I'd get timouts.

The only thing I can think of here, is static? Or the screen just doesn't like the polarity or energy of my body lol.

Sounds crazy right? But this is the only time that I've noticed the monitor do it's time-out thing, since replacing the cable. I think my feet sometimes have the same effect, when I put my feet up on my desk while gaming (close to the monitor).